• I decided that though we have all introduced are dogs at some point, new people probably haven't seen those posts and may be equally curious about our dogs as we are about theirs. So please share who your dogs are, maybe you will find some new basenji relations.

    DC Sherwood's In The Nick Of Time SC, RN, LCM, VFCh, JOR bred by Robyn Dubbert
    Nicky turned 14 years old this past Tuesday.

    DC Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon MC, LCM, VFCh, JOR bred by Robyn Dubbert and Stephanie Hall
    Rally will turn 11 years old 1 week from today.

    UKC CH/AKC FC Kinetic Sourcery SC, FCh, SGRC, SOR, ORC bred by myself and Robyn Dubbert
    Rio turned 7 years old on Pearl Harbor Day.

    UKC CH/AKC FC Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music SC, FCh, GRC, JOR bred by myself and Pat Fragassi
    Sophie turned 5 years old on Pearl Harbor Day.

    UKC CH/AKC FC Kinetic Interesting Times SC, FCh, GRC, JOR bred by myself
    L'Ox turned 2 years old last Saturday.

    And our visitor

    Habari-Enchanted Dream On bred by Arlene Bacon, Robyn Dubbert and Deborah Voss
    Gypsy turned 1 year old on November 30th.


  • I have Becca – Terrarust N Beaubri's Boo Boo Oct. 17 2006 Bred by Terray Boomir and Simone Gaudet

    and Tucker – Terrarust's Ace of Spades Dec 4, 2009 Tucker is a Fopaws Royal Flush baby.
    Bred by Terray Boomir.

  • I am Lisa Stewart, we currently live in Missouri but have lived all over the world as we are retired military. We have had basenji since 1988. Our current dogs are: TROG - FC Apu Tri Roo of Ganesa, RN, MC, JOR, ORC, FCH Jan 7, 2006 From Susan Kamen-Marsicano and Karen Christiansen, he is a grandson of my very first basenji boy. Xander - DC Meisterhaus Deal or No Deal, MC, RN, LCX, GRC, VB, SOR, ORC, LCM, Dec 7, 2007, Gambit - CH Meisterhaus Neverwinter Nights. and Tempest - UKC CH Meisterhaus Neon Nights both born Dec 12, 2010, All 3 from Tad Brooks.

  • We have more than most -
    Tex, Ch. Illusion's Rio Grande of Dune will be 13 in January
    Dude, GCh Illusion's Lonestar, JC age 7
    Arrow, Ch Illusion's Moonlit Arrow, JC Dude's littermate, also 7
    Amina, Ch Illusion's Mlia Amina age 6
    JR, Ch Illusion's Jelani Rio, age 4 (Tex and Arrow's son)
    Bruce, Ch Tammen's Born in the USA for Illusion age 3 (bred by Laura Gilchrist, Tammen's Basenjis)
    Dolly, AKC/UKC Ch Illusion Tri Alil Tenderness of Dune age 2 1/2
    Cricket, Ch Illusion's True Love Ways of Dune age 2 1/2
    Luna, Illusion's Dark Moon Rising, age 1
    and our newest girl (at least until puppies arrive!) Pink, Ch. NBN Tonkawa Hovenweep age 3 (bred by Susan Smith, NBN Basenjis)


  • First Basenji's

    This is Bowpi – just Bowpi. She's about seven years old now. We don't know what her breeding is.

    She came to us as a private adoption off Craigslist from a local woman who had her for 9 months before circumstances changed and she needed to rehome her dog. She was bounced around a little before that. As far as I know, she is from California, so I'm curious if someday we will discover who she is related to. And if we never find out, that's okay too.

  • My present Basenjis are all home bred and I still haven't managed to post photos. They are:

    Antefaa Grass Jewel (the matriarch) - 'Jewel' aged 17+

    Antefaa Spring Azure with Bokoto (daughter) - 'Spring' aged 14+

    Antefaa Nile Odyssey with Bokoto (Spring's daughter) - Gbala' aged 11

    Antefaa African Emigrant (Jewel's son) - 'Miggy' aged 11

    Antefaa Bereke Kohinur (Jewel's Granddaughter) - Bereke' aged 8

    Antefaa Tifi Xicaque (ditto) - Tifi aged 8

    Antefaa Bashele Arrowhead (ditto) - 'Arrow' aged 8

    Antefaa Bungwa Forest Glory (ditto) - 'Bungwa' aged 8

    The last 4 are from my last litter - I only let one go to Benkura who is sometimes on this forum, because I couldn't bear to part from them.

    I also have a share in Lukuru Constelltion Cassioeea for Antefaa - 'Cassie' aged 1'

    One of these days I'll manage pictures!!!

  • Blaze (Tarsha's Manzantia Flame) was bred by Tari Parish. He just turned one year old on Friday the 23rd.


  • Okay, I have Shadow (Sherwood's Black Tie Affair) who is now around 8.5 years (goodness how time flies!) Bred by Robyn Dubbert of Sherwood Basenji's,

    Then comes Sugar (Sherwood's Something Sweet) who is 6 years old now. Bred by Robyn Dubbert of Sherwood Basenji's,

    Then comes Johnny (Habari's Man in Black) He is now 2 years old.(this is a very slow growing line, he won't look really good until he is about 4-5 years) Bred by myself with help from Scott Osbourne.

    And finally, Rose (Habari's Dream a Little Dream) who is now just 1 year and sister of Lisa's Gypsy. Bred by Deborah Voss, Robyn Dubbert and myself.


  • First Basenji's

    I'm owned by Cody. He's about 6 years old.

    He was a FTGH dog on Craigslist in Virginia. He seemed to have had it rough for his first three years–neglected, abused, and scared of the world-- but he's been pampered and spoiled since I brought him home in 2009. Although it would be interesting to find out where he came from, I don't know his breeding. He's my little butthead (and I say that with lots of affection).

  • Love the last pic crystalncody.

  • I am Kim McNeill and I have 3 badsenjis and one maligater, er, I mean basenjis and malinois.

    The basenjis are

    Digital the brindlewonderkid who just turned 15 last week. His long name:
    mBiF, group winning, AKC Dual Ch (FC, Ch) Idlewild-Jerlin's Digital RN, SC, MX, MXJ, OAP, AJP, EAC, EJC, OGC, AD, ASFA FCh, TDIAOV, MVB, 2002/2007 #1 agility basenji (AKC rankings)

    Jet the trying who turned 14 a month ago.
    Ch Jerlin's Saint or Sinner SC, AX, AXJ, RN, ASFA FCh, NAC, NJC, CGC, TDIA, MVB

    Zest! superstar in training
    Ch Makalika-Jerlin Cherry Pop SC, OA, AXJ, NAP, NF

    And aptly named Pearl-petual Motion, the malinois (rescue)

  • when i first joined this group - i was waiting for my first basenji to come home. now i am a proud owner of my two basenji girls.
    both of my girls are in pet homes only, i do not show.

    Red and White
    Reg Name: tba
    DOB: 30/05/2010
    Bitch: Lomar Sugar n Spice
    Dog: Zandeena One for the Road
    Litter of 3 girls. Hopes two sisters have gone on to win BOB, BIS etc in their showing careers. Have had Hope since 9 wks old.

    Reg Name: TBA
    DOB: 5/5/11
    Bitch: awaiting information
    Dog: Zandeena One for the Road
    Dont have much information on this little one at the moment, still awaiting information from the breeder (circumstances have hounded such attempts). Ebony was being shown but when her adult teeth came through, they came through incorrect. Ebony came to stay with us at 6mths old.

    both my girls have come from the same breeder, and have the same dad 🙂 i couldnt be more pleased with their temperments and personalities.

    *will update information as becomes avail

  • great thread, i think this is something we need to do from time to time.
    I have enjoyed reading who belongs to whom and seeing pictures.
    We have Malaika, Robelroy riseing star bred by Elaine Baldwin DOB 31/12/09 and….
    Kwame, Memetuka Kiraka bred by Victoria Gaskell DOB 07/01/11

  • We are J J and Karin, Kansas City, Mo. Both of our kids are rescues, Itty Bitty Basenji now 5 years old, originally from Craigs List and Mr Baroo, now about 2 years old, a BRAT adoption. We have no idea where they came from or exactly how old they actually are.
    Bitty is the more delicate little girl with the white face, Baroo is the more muscular boy with the totally red head.

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