Snow Dogs!

Our 1st trip to the farm after our big snow storm this week….Sonny was thrilled for some off leash time!

"oh god she's going to smother me with kisses"

"yes I know you love me"

"shake…shake...shake..aww crap the sweaters still on"

"one comment about the sweater & we're gonna have a problem"

"can we please go home now..I'm cold"

Great shots of the snow gang! I like that last pic of Sonny Boy!

First Basenji's

What a lovely sweater! 😉
Almost missed the white dog there in the second to last picture.
I love the one where he's shaking himself off!

A lovely set of pictures! My fav is of Sonny bounding through the snow towards the camera.

They are super pictures and what a delight to see the dogs enjoying themselves so much.


Is that a Rottie with a TAIL?

^ if a potential owner requests, would most breeders leave tails (and/or ears on affected breeds) intact?


Love it..the last picture is adorable..what a heartbreaker.

Lovely set of photos - great way to start my day!

Thank you everyone! My boy is a cutie isn't he 😉



Is that a Rottie with a TAIL?

that is a Rottie w/a tail! :eek:

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