• For those of you wondering, let me give you the update. Baroo was scheduled to be neutered on thursday, but after thinking about it I decided to find another vet because I wasn't happy with the one I went to. They wanted $130 to neuter him (with pain meds) and I thought that was high, does that sound right to anyone else? So needless to say, he has not be neutered yet, but I am shopping around for a better vet, and hopefully will find on by next week. I talked to Oba's foster mom, and we came to the conclusion that since the timing wasn't the greatest with my husband leaving, and still needing to get Baroo neutered and healed, that she would keep her until DH gets home in 3 weeks. That will give Barooo time to heal and get back to normal before she comes home. I can also spend that time re-enforcing his training. We did make the drive to LA to go meet her today though. We wanted to make sure that she was going to get along with Baroo and my son before we made the commitment. It seems everything went great, and although Baroo was a little nervous and out of sorts, I think they are going to be good friends. 😃 He did snap at her a couple times, but he was just asserting his dominace, and she submitted to him, so I know there won't be a problem. She was also great with my son. She licked his face and wanted to play. She is bigger though, and very hyper, so I will have to watch out for her trying to knock him over. She is very energetic and wants to play all the time. Baroo will love that once they settle in. He has met his match! She is such a sweet girl and I can't wait to bring her home. Too bad that will be about a month! I think it is best though, for everyone. I just hate the waiting!

    Oh, and she does bark, but it is more high pitched and kinda odd sounding. :p

    Here are some pics of their first meeting:

    This is me and Baroo, and Oba/Sheba and her foster mom

    They seem pretty relaxed…

    She is a little bigger, but that shouldn't be a problem

    Giving my husband a hug

  • Rebecca,

    So glad to hear that you guys found a way to make it work.

    Oba is so cute! What a sweet looking girl.

    Do you guys use Banfield at PetSmart? I don't know what spaying or neutering costs because it was included in our wellness plan at Banfield. You may want to check into that. Petco may have something similar.

    Good luck.

  • She is really cute! Is that a bark collar on her? If so, that is probably why she has a "squeeky" bark. Dogs will learn how to bark in a pitch that doesn't set off the collar.

    Glad it sounds like your schedule worked out 🙂

    Oh, and $130 doesn't sound terrible for me for a neuter. The higher quality anesthesia drugs, and pain meds are more expensive than the stuff they use for low cost spay and neuter (at least that is what I have been told).

  • I like Baroo's expression: If I look bored, maybe it will go away. Oba/Sheba, on the otherhand, looks thrilled to have found your family! Congratulations and I hope everything continues to go as smoothly as the first day has…even smoother.


  • Awww! Sounds like you found something that works for everyone! Baroo looks really happy too! 🙂 YEAH!

  • I think they will be best friends in no time. She's very cute

    Personally, I don't think $130 is too much for a neuter. I paid more than that and then there was the pre-blood work up. (And I'm not even in Cali!)

  • Wow, 130.00? That is cheap for No. Californa… I pay up to 300.00 for a spay... and remember if your boy has a murmur they need to pay special attention during and after surgery...
    Glad that you decided to wait... on getting a second dog, she is cute shepard mix, don't think that she is Basenji however...... and like Andrea... looks like a bark collar? So you might have problems that she is a barker....

  • Glad things are working out better with the timing with the two dogs.

    I'd have to say that $130 seems like a great price. When I called my vet in the fall to get a quote on a neuter, it was $270 - $300…and that is in Maine.

  • I think Sheba has some physical characteristics of Basenji. The wrinkles on her head, ears and eyes. She is very pretty and looks very sweet. Everyone looks very happy and excited. I'm so happy for you all.

    We live in Michign - I paid $145 for Dukes neuter. It covers the cost of bloodwork, anestesia, surgery, recovery and antibotic shot. Vet didn't want him to have pain medicine - because it would cause him to resume normal activity too quickly. He did just fine without them. We found it necessary to take him out on a leash to relieve himself, otherwise he would have went running after the squirrels and birds. The leash helped us to control that exertion. When he finished, we brought him straight back in the house. I think we did this for the first week. But still trying to keep him from bolting around the house was impossible.

    Good luck!

  • Yes it does sound like everything will work out just fine. I'm so glad for you all! I would agree to finding another vet, not because of the price (roughly same here in Minnesota) but because of the advice given to you.

  • i'm so happy for you!!!:D

  • Wow, it sounds like some of you have paid a lot for a neuter. I guess I will be glad it is only $130! I do want to find another vet though, because of the advice they gave, and I have heard some not so great things from other people about them. I am in a very small town, so we only have 4 or 5 vets here to pick from. I would take him out of town to do it, but I think an 85 mile drive after surgery will not going to make him too comfortable. He isn't a big fan of car rides as it is. I would take him to Banfield if we had a Petco, but we don't. We only have a small little pet store. I will work something out though.

    Yes, she does have a bark collar on. I have never heard of using citronella to stop barking, but it works. Her foster mom said she has always barked that way. I don't mind some barking, our neighbors aren't that close.

    I know she looks a lot more shepard, but she definately is Basenji. I don't mind though, she is still cute! Maybe this way she will behave more like a shepard. I'm sure I am just kidding myself though, I know I am in for it!

  • Becky,

    You guys are military, right? Almost every base has a vet a few days a week I would call them and see who they would recommend out in town. Are you guys in Lemoore or Port Huneme?

  • Yes we are military, but we are in Ridgecrest. It's a small town in the middle of the desert. We don't have a vet to my knowledge.

  • China Lake I am assuming. You guys are out in the middle of no where - sorry.

    Double check with the base, vets on base is a little known thing but could be a good resource.

  • Tell me about it! I hate it here, and we will be stuck here another 1 1/2 years. There is NOTHING here. Gotta love the military….
    I will look into it though, thanks.

  • There seems to be a number of Vet in the area?.. at least with a google search. Can you ask others in the town/base that have pets who they use? and what they do or do not like about them?

  • I have done several searches and it comes up with about 10 listed, but there are really only 3 in town. It lists several vets, but about 6 or 7 of them all work at the one vet that I went to. It is the biggest one in town and most people I know go there, regardless of the reputation, because there just aren't many options. There are 2 listed with seperate names, but when I called it was the same woman's answering machine for both places, and she says she is only available for horses and emergencies. That leaves one. They charge $77 for the surgery and $24 for pain meds. That is cheap, but I also know nothing about them. I guess that is better than knowing something bad though. I will ask around and see if anyone else has been to them. I just love life in a small town (insert sarcasm here). The saga continues….

  • $130 is a good price for a neuter in California and if it includes the pain meds then an even beter price.

    The pain meds for 3 days plus the one injection at the clinic for my girl's spay totalled $60 add in the cost of the procedure and anesthesia it adds up quickly.

  • That's a great price for Chicago too. Ours cost $200 plus meds!

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