Meet Bodhi !

Hey everyone,

This is Bodhi , he is a 10 week old ,chubby little fella that just flew in last night. Savannah and Bodhi have already bonded ( basenji 500 at 1am in the morning)

Awe what a cute pup! they both are adorable!!!

Congratulations! He is soooo cute. And that is just wonderful that Savannah is enjoying her new companion.

Congrats on the new addition! He is definitely a cutie!

for those of you who dont know, this little Bodhi is related to my Cairo. They are from the same parents up in Deleware. Cairo is a year old this month.

He is sooooo beautiful in person. His coat is very soft and loose and he looks like a little bull! John you chose a great little boy!! Have fun with the puppy pad training!

The new addition is very cute….....they look like they're enjoying each other.......very cool.🆒

Wonderful dogs. Two basenji's do seem to be perfect

Congrats! How beautiful. Glad to hear they are getting along.

Wonderful looking dogs!

awwwwwww they r so cute! you could just watch them play for hours!

Oh, they are having a great time! What an adorable puppy, and Savannah is such a graceful looking girl.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol pic 3 looks like bohdi wants to eat savannahs bone and shes not to happy about it! :p great to see them together 😃 awww

Wow, Congrats with your new beatifull Basenji puppy…
He is too cute...

Your Brindle has the same dark colour of the mom of our Basenji puppy Chafuko!!! (very beatiful I think, in holland this colour is still not wanted. They are buzy to euh how do i say this in English, accept this color as a good and common colour here)

John, we need more pics!! MORE PUPPY PICS!!!!!!!

Those puppy teeth look sharp!

Well that is what I was waiting for. The bonding photos. Savanah has come such a long way. I bet that little porker will teach her how to put on the pounds. 🙂

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