6 degrees of a Basenji?

Here's a funny 6 degrees of separation story… when I was in Michigan I worked with a friend named Rob. He was there when I first was researching getting a basenji and when he and his wife met Tayda it helped them to decide to get a basenji also, 2 years later. Then they moved to Seattle and got their basenji, Max. We were just emailing the other day and he told me that Max was sired to a bitch in Ohio. And I respond with "really? who's the Breeder?" and he emails back "Andrea Walters" ha ha.

Its like including canines in the 6 degrees of separation game! Andrea, were you in the movie Footloose with Kevin Bacon? ha ha...

Ha, ha! It is a small world. Actually, Katie Campbell is the breeder 🙂 But yes, I co-own the bitch with her.

I will post more details later 🙂

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