• Does anyone know who this breeder is? I have no idea how she got my personal email address, but I found a long solicitation in my email box today. The phone number (I didn't include it in the quotation below), but it's from area code 262, which is Wisconsin.

    We are now accepting deposits and will release the puppies to their new
    homes at 10 weeks old with a one year health guarantee. All adults have
    been Fanconi tested. Please let us know if you are interested in either
    seeing more pictures or in a puppy.

    Valeri Krug
    KE Basenjis

    I've never contacted this breeder, and I don't know if she found me through here or FB, or perhaps it's someone on here with a different sign in name?

  • I think I know someone with a dog from her but I am not familiar with this breeder personally.

  • That's a little creepy–unless you're looking for a puppy?

  • Here is a link to an old thread from December 2009. IMO a BYB


  • No, I haven't put my name out there as someone looking for a puppy, but she found my personal email from somewhere… I have my FB page restricted, so I don't think it's there, and I've never heard of her before. Just wondered if she was contacting others from here, too. ???

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