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    Has anyone else had issues with this breeder, Lisa Simmons from NY?

    Back story: I had contacted Lisa Simmons over a year ago inquiring about any upcoming litters as I am looking for a basenji puppy. I put down the $250.00 deposit for her upcoming litter in December-Feb (approximately). Time goes on, nothing. The dates change frequently from winter to summer. She says she’s breeding her other dog as well. I only get updates when I ask every couple of months. More time goes by. Nothing. It’s been a year. I had been in contact with another breeder who would be expecting puppies end of August. I contacted her again asking whether or not her litter would be born soon and if not I would be going with another breeder. I understand that you can’t control when a dog gives birth etc, but after this much time, I was ready for someone new. As soon as I asked about a refund, all contact stopped on her part. We had been in contact over private Facebook messages which had shown that she saw my messages. Sent her emails, no response. Contacted through Paypal, nothing. Called, straight to voicemail. I then tried posting on her Facebook wall asking about my deposit back which was promptly deleted and I was blocked. Essentially scammed out of $250 and a years worth of waiting.

  • Know nothing about her, but file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, send her a certified letter and a copy to the AKC and Basenji Club of America.

    Additionally, she seems to be a member of the Rip Van Wrinkle Club... contact them also: http://www.rvwbasenjiclub.org/ Many clubs have code of ethics rules... and not refunding money after a year is simply unprofessional and a rip off.

    You should have a contract or receipt with the payment... hopefully it spelled out refund conditions... but if not, it seems clear she is not holding up reasonable expectations.

  • @DebraDownSouth Thank you so much. I will.

  • She's not a member of the Rip Van Wrinkle Club. I did, however, contact the BBB as well as various scammer websites so others who do research on her name or breeding company don't meet the same fate. Also went ahead and contacted the AKC and BCOA, so hopefully something comes of it.

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