• So last wednesday, I get home and there is a note from my walker stating that Tucker has some soft stool. I'm thinking it's no big deal… Later that evening, I take him out and he's pooping liquid, pretty much. And he's still doing this every 45 minutes when he's scratching to go out. This lasts until we go to bed, no big deal. For the first time ever, he wakes me up for a trip outside at about 4am. He's still acting normal aside from his 'movements', so I didn't get too worried.

    Morning comes and he's not pooping. So I figure he's all done with it. Call the walker just after noon and she said he didn't poop again. But she did notice a 'spot' on my chaise (coverd with blankets for him) and siad it looked like he might have thrown up. I started calling vets but all were booked and I figured I'd just see what was up when I got home.

    So I get home....O M G!

    (do not read beyond here if you have a weak stomach or are offended by 'poop talk'!!!)

    I had mistakingly left the door to my bedroom open. Three large piles of diarhea on the duvet cover. No less than 5 locations across the living room carpet with connecting trickles. He even managed to poop on the wall and the side of my leather ottomans. A large schmear across my hardwood floors, and, of course, the spot on the chaise blanket. I swear I almost cried. Still no visible loss of activity or sickness from Tucker, though. He was just as normal as any other day when I got home. Perhaps he was proud of the 'artwork' that now covered my condo. It really looked like someone had detonated a diarhea bomb in the middle of my bed and in the living room. How much could possibly come out of such a small dog? I mean, forreal???

    So, I take him out and he doesn't 'produce' (I imagine whatever was left was now on my bed and carpet...and wall...and ottomans...). I fence him in the kitchen for fear of further accidents. I also put his rather expensive shag mat in there with him and I'm off to buy carpet cleaner. I get home to a shredded mat ($50 bucks down the toilet) and the clean up still ahead of me. Apparently, after all that destruction, being locked in the kitchen was unacceptable. :rolleyes:

    3 hours and three loads of laundry later, the condo is back to normal.

    I fed him boiled chicken and white rice for about 5 meals, integrating his normal food back into his diet, and the very next 'movement' was hardening up.

    Tucker returned to 'normal' over the weekend. Turns out he had eaten to the core of a piece of bad rawhide (kinda soft in the middle and smelled like sewage). Unfortunately, in hindsight, I knew that rawhide was nasty but he had eaten so much of it before I noticed the smell, and he was very possesive when I went to take it away, I just let him finish it figuring if he liked it and hadn't a clue it was going to result in the way it did.

    I guess the good news, if there were any to be found in this story, is that it all cleaned up completely. He didn't hit the sofa material and nothing was ruined, in the end....no pun intended. :o

    Glad I held out for the vet because they would have just violated him and sent me a bill for $250 and told me to do what I had figured out on my own.

  • Well, sounds like quite the adventure. Glad he is feeling better though.

  • She Ra getting the runs every now and then is a signal to ease back on the rawhide. She loves it, but we offer other stuff for her to gnaw on if it looks like the poops are getting a bit too nasty.

    Glad everything turned out okay.

  • As we in the south say, "Bless Your Heart". Having to come home to that after a hard day of work must have been exhausting. I am so glad for you and Tucker that he is well now. I will keep my nose on Sahara's rawhide, she loves the stuff. The worst smelling chew is her Bully Stick, it smells bad but she loves, loves it. Someone once told me that dogs love smelly stuff, guess Tucker can vouch for that. haha!!!!!:D

  • Oh my!:eek: Yes, bless your heart!

    Carpet shampoo machine!:D

  • Wow…glad you got it all cleaned up and glad Tucker is ok.

    Note to self...no rawhide for Ruby...ever!!! :eek: :eek:

  • Oh…ugh...I have so been there. About three times that has happened to Querk...and rather than just poop in a puddle by the door, I swear he spins in violent circles to spread the diarreha as far and wide as possible...and yes, the only answer I have found is carpet deep cleaner....

  • Ewwww, yuck! I know it was a hard job cleaning all that up. One can never be prepared for these messes. But on the bright side - you've got a clean-clean house now! Glad you and Tucker got thru it OK and feeling better.

  • …and that is why dash is crated. YUCK

  • wow. ewww. glad all is better now.

  • OMG is right!!! I have a really strong sense of smell and you would have seen me with kleenex stuffed in each nostral and a mask on for extra protection!!


  • Glad all is okay now - I've been through some nasty illness with my previous beastie (not nearly as bad as you) and I know just what you mean about spinning and pooping! 😃

  • Awwww ,,,,,,,,I feel your pain,,,,,,,,,I came home from work one day for a quick lunch break to let the kids out ( I had a million things going on at the high school I teach at and only had about 15 minutes to let them out to do their business). Well, as we all know, our B's sometimes have differnent agendas so – I open the door to the living room and smell the most ungodly smell on earth -- I was afraid,,,,,,VERY AFRIAD to see what was awaiting me,,,,,,,poo on the carpet, walls, in the vent next to the crate and worst of all on Dane!!! Not thinking ,,,I let him out to go outside and all through the living room, foyer back to the french door was poopy paw prints. It was either laugh or cry. I decided to laugh,,,,ok maybe not while I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and walls but later I laughed!.

  • We've had a rainy spell around these parts last few days and naturally I have a couple that think water will kill them. We found one of them decided to poop indoors and the wife and I where trying to decide which one was the culprit. I declared it was the big male Max, the wife said no, 'He's a move while you poop dog and this pile was neatly in one place…..it was Cleo.:rolleyes: 😃

    Poop identifcation!:rolleyes:

  • We've had a rainy spell around these parts last few days and naturally I have a couple that think water will kill them. We found one of them decided to poop indoors and the wife and I where trying to decide which one was the culprit. I declared it was the big male Max, the wife said no, 'He's a move while you poop dog and this pile was neatly in one place…..it was Cleo.

    Poop identifcation!

    Yup!!! That move while you poop will call you out in a heart beat!! 😃 😃 C3PO is a move & poop kinda guy…I don't get it 😕

    TuckerVA-you're a good dad! And what you did was surely what he needed!

  • We call our DAne the traveling pooper!!

  • She-Ra's a moving pooper as well. Really funny on walks…she's kinda got this Charlie Chaplin-Duck waddle thing going. 🙂

  • That is how I know which one of my Bs went in the house….Sawyer is a "poop walker":rolleyes:

    Wyatt has stuck his little butt against the side of the wire crate twice when he was younger and had diarreah. It was everywhere. On the crate, on the wall, on the floor under the crate...What a mess! Inside his crate was clean though.

  • Tucker is a poop walker also. He's also a pee walker. Back when I first got him his first in-house pee was across as much of my sofa as possible. He got all 3 back cushions, all 3 seat cushions and managed to hit the crack between the chaise and sofa getting pee on the actual unremovable sofa material.

    Another funny shorty… I was running with Tucker one time and he typically waits until we stop to poop but apparently he really had to go so I'm running along not really paying attention and all the sudden the leash got tight (I run with a 29' recoil leash) so I immediately looked back for him just in time to see me jerk him around as the business was taking place. Ever heard of "Who flung pooh?". Tucker did, that's who. 🙂

  • i feel for you, we had a similar experience, it was every where on everything.

    This happened many times and we discovered our dog was allergic to wheat. We went to a Lamb & Rice hard food and he has been pretty good for the last several years.

    The worst was when he was a puppy he got worms, nothing like diarrhea mixed with angle hair past like wriggling live worms!!

    That is a sight I will never forget!

    we had a similar experience with our son, whom my wife was breast feeding. We ate at a mexican restaurant, then my wife fed our son. That night he had diarrhea so bad it filled his footy pajamas from his feet all the way up to the top of his back!

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