• Christmas is also Abbey's 6th birthday, so here's her list for Santa: a big cardboard box to rip up without Mom yelling "Hey, what are you doing?!", a baby like the one that came to visit us last Christmas, a nice patch of grass for those times when she needs to eat and barf, lots of chocolate and bacon (bacon, bacon), a whole roll of paper towels, a box of Ritz crackers, and a new tail and ears for her pink birthday bunny that Santa brought last year because she well, you know….and I should ask Santa for a new remote for myself because she well, you know....

  • Love Abbeys list for Santa, what about a roll of toilet paper, maybe some glasses (especialy the plastic ear pieces) Plastic bottle, couple of pens, in fact anything she shouldn't have 😃

  • Abbey Happy Birthday early and I like that Christmas List.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Great list..sounds like somebody has some shopping to do for little Ms Abbey..hint hint..

  • Ciara wrote this to Santa in her blogg (http://www.rissa.cc/blog/Ciarasdiary):🙂

    This year I have a special Christmas wish for Santa Claus: give me healthy and easy puppies on January! Help us to find loving homes with common sense, understanding the basenji temperament and activity needs. Give me chance to quide my kids the proper start of living: enough self-confidence and courage to meet every day challenges, initiative thinking to avoid problems and a lot of adaptability and sense of humor to meet the new owners odd manners.

    Sending lot of X-mas yodels to all my friends!

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