• Lat night and tonight Goober has been vigilent over the window over looking the street. I think he is a racist because whenever a black person walks past he says "Ruh-Roh!" like Scooby-Doo. I'll try to get a recording of it for you guys.

  • When I came home today from work Sahara greeted me at the car. Well, we are walking to the back door and Sahara sees my cat sitting on the line where the underground fence starts. Sahara was doing her roo thing in the play stance, and the cat was looking at her like as if to say, "What's wrong with you, don't you see I am sleeping!!!!!!" It was to funny, she is making that sound more these days. She wanted to chase that cat real bad. haha!!!!!

  • That's funny, because isn't the breed from Africa?

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