• Shango and I moved into our new apartment on Monday. It's a nice two bedroom that I'm sharing with my roommate and her dog.

    Her dog is a 2 year old beagle/basset hound mix and is very playful. Shango and her get along just fine, as long as she knows when Shango doesn't want to play.

    I am, however, sad to admit that Shango has not been doing too well. He's had multiple accidents in the house whereas he was 100% house-trained at my other place.

    I'm wondering if he's stressed and acting out? Before it was just me and him, so I'm thinking that adding another person and dog to the house would be enough to make my Shango act out like this?

    Or is this standard for moves? Does it take a bit for dogs to adjust?

    Any suggestions?

  • I think it does, when I moved house last year, my dog become suddenly covered with spots all over her body, took her to the vet, said it was due to stress! Disappeared when she was settled. When I take her to friends she doesn't know, I have to keep an eye on her as if their bedroom door is open, she will go and pee on their bed. has done this systematically, so now, I know, I tour my friends house with her and once she has seen it all, I can let her loose and there are no accidents! Your dog is adjusting to a stressful situation, don't worry, I think he'll settle down. Lots of reassurance and cuddles for a while.

  • You need to re-enforce housetraining 101.. I would say 99% it is due to the move… I don't think he is really "acting out", just confused with the move and more people

  • Often dogs don't know WHERE to go, in a new place.
    So, take them out every 3 hrs and treat/praise with proper elimation.
    Also, keep the areas of the apt your not in, closed.
    Keep the dog with you, and if you see the nose down, take it out.
    This should pass as the dog gets more settled.
    We travel a lot with our dogs, and we keep them with us in motel rooms, with closets, bathrooms shut.
    When they act like they are sniffing, we take them out.
    Also, extra exercise with your b will help.
    Good luck

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