• So I'm moving from Michigan to New York in a few weeks and I'm going out next week to do some house hunting. I hope I can find an apartment that is part of a duplex or even better a single family home that has a yard for the B's. Its currently my biggest stress…. finding a place to live. SO many places dont allow pets. 😞 So today I called a few apartment complexes just to find out their availability and rates (even though it would be my LAST choice to live in a complex) I'd prefer a quiet residential neighborhood... and i get this guy on the phone from the management company. All I wanted to know was if their complex allowed pets and if they had any availability for mid october. He proceeds to ask me a gagillion questions to profile me and wouldn't give me an answer. Finally after a 10 minute interrogation about where i'm working, if i'd rather be near the pool, the clubhouse or the gym, and a lowdown on how energy saving their appliances are... he tells me they have a 700 sq foot apt for $1800/month (AH!) and then I start asking about their pet policy and he tells me that there is a $600 PER PET non refundable fee and a $50/month PER PET rent. Ugh....

    The best part of the conversation was when he said "Oh, and we have some breed restrictions, do you happen to know what kind of dogs you have?"

    Do I happen to know what kind of dogs i have????? what a weird way to ask that question!


  • Oh dear….what a pain....continued good wishes that you find the perfect place...

  • YIKES! I'm assuming it is to NYC, that's a tough one. Do you need to live in the city? If not, you could check into the surrounding areas…
    Maybe JYS has some suggestions??

  • It's actually not in NYC… its a bit north... I'm looking for places in the Westchester area. But it is still within commuting distance of Manhattan so prices are still high. 😞

    The job I'm taking is in Mahwah, NJ and I'm trying to live near the White Plains area because my boyfriend has a job in New Haven Ct, so we are both trying to find places so that we can be within about 30-45 minutes from each other.

    Yeah, if anyone out there has any advice, I'd appreciate it! I'm looking in White Plains, Valhalla, Tarrytown, Elmsford, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Purchase, Nyack, Piermont... maybe even down to Rye.. who knows! I can only stand a 45minute commute to work max...

  • Actually, JYS and I have PM'd about this already! Thanks! She lives not far from where I'll be working!

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    …The job I'm taking is in Mahwah, NJ ...I'm looking in White Plains, Valhalla, Tarrytown, Elmsford, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Purchase, Nyack, Piermont... maybe even down to Rye.. who knows! I can only stand a 45minute commute to work max...

    Westchester is ridiculous for housing!! YIKES! Ah…Mahwah...very nice. Tarrytown is really a great place. Glad to know you've been in touch with JYS about the area.
    Now you'll have to get used to driving on the Garden State Parkway, but thankfully you're way up north where it is still crazy, but not as congested and traffic laden. Good luck...keep us posted!

  • Yeah this is a tough market for renters…everyone is looking for the same thing :eek: Being close to work & but still in a nice residential area away from the city madness.

    Good luck to you! 🙂

  • My boyfriend and I rent a one bedroom in Studio City (LA) for $1000.00 a month and I hear we are the chepest on our street, YiKes. our pet deposit is $1000.00. I would love to rent a little house, I miss having a yard w/trees grass and everything so much!!
    Hey what if you try Craigslist NY in the pets section, I see people on there all the time asking others of pet frienly rentals in the area. Or you can ask if anybody knows of a service in New York for pet renters, we have one in Southern Ca. called "Pets and People Homefinders"

  • I just came back from driving to and from New York to find a place to live! I saw about 20 apartments in 2 days and found a great place that is perfect for all of us!

    It's on the main street of Dobbs Ferry on the Hudson River… one block from the train station and 2 blocks away is the Croton Acqueduct (sp?) where there are 13 miles of hiking trails in either direction for me and the dogs! It is on the main street so I can walk to all the shops and everything! I've always wanted to live in a town where i could walk to things! AND here's the best part - Off of one of the back bedrooms in the apartment, there is a door to a set of stairs that leads to a FENCED IN YARD!!!!! It really couldn't be more perfect! The landlords live downstairs and they have an old lab and are getting a lab puppy this week. I had Tayda with me (Lenny was off racing this weekend) and she met the resident lab and they got along fine. They were really happy that I had dogs (unlike most of the landlords who treated me like a leper cause I had dogs) and said that with previous owners that had dogs, they always helped each other out with dog sitting and such when the need arose.

    So, WHEW! I was so stressed about finding an apartment that would be good for the dogs and really hoping to find something with a fenced in yard, but not holding my breath, since it is the subarbs of NYC and all...

    And the rent is $300/month cheaper than what I was budgeting for rent! Yay!

    Now, I really hope Lenny doesn't try to eat the puppy.....

  • Wow, that is great news… congrats... sounds like the perfect place!!!

  • Congrats from one New Yorker to another. Born and raised in Brooklyn for 24 years and have been living on Staten Island since '84. Good luck in your new apartment!

  • That sounds great! How exciting to be moving to New York too!

  • Wooo Hoo how exciting and great news!!!

  • Fantastic news…it definitely sounds like a great situation for you and the dogs! It will be nice that Tayda & Lenny will have playmates...and people that are up for helping out with care, need be.

  • Tayda & Lenny-that's fantastic news!!! GREAT for you AND the pooches 🙂

  • Hooray! Great news!

  • Happy news is right! Have you moved and settled in? This place sounds perfect for Tayda and Lenny. Hopefully everyone gets along. Best wishes to ya' Michelle.

  • Well, I thought I had found the perfect place for me and the dogs, but today my landlord informs me that although the dogs are welcome to use the yard, I am not to be down there. The only times I have been down there is when it has been raining and the dogs wont go out there on their own. I have literally had to drag them down on their leashes to get them to go.

    I can understand her position, the stairs I go down to get to the yard go right past her bedroom and I would not want someone walking past my bedroom window early in the morning and late at night either. But, she should have thought of that when she agreed to let me move in with my dogs.

    I think in the summer they will be fine going up and down the stairs to the yard on their own, but in the winter, I'm sure they won't be. To get to the yard, they have to go down a set of stairs, across the deck and then down some more steps. When its cold/rainy they just wont do that. I told my landlord that I like to be down there with them in case Lenny decides to chase something over the fence, or they get into the garbage, etc etc. She responds telling me that if I want to be out there with the dogs, I should call first and it should be limited to only once or twice a week. Ugh… she clearly doesn't understand.

    Not sure what to do, I was supposed to go down and talk to her and give her my rent check, but she isn't home and isn't returning my calls.

    Sorry, just venting. I hope we can find something that will work for both of us. I wouldn't want someone trapsing back and forth past my bedroom window, but she should also understand that my dogs need to go to the bathroom several times a day and if they won't go down on their own, i will have to take them.

  • WTH that doesn't make sense!! Is there any other way to get in the yard, like through a gate that you could go though during the bad weather days? And ask her if this bothers her?

    Also what about cleaning up the yard? Is she going to be cleaning up after them?

    Oh and one last question, I understand that the stairs are right by her bedroom, but what's wrong with curtains? If it's noise she is worried about then wouldn't the dogs bother her?

    Sorry I'm rambeling

  • Maybe you could buy her a blind 😉 Sorry, I hope the situation resolves itself…I couldn't tolerate not being able to check on the dogs in the yard.

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