• I need help. After a surgical procedure, my Basenji needed to wear a cone. Three days later she has this vet cone all busted up. I have clear packing tape holding it together. Yikes!! I did bring to the vet the Comfy Cone but they told me not to use it. Unfortunately I sent it back. What should I do??? Help! This thing needs to be on 2 weeks.

  • Use the comfy cone.... many of them work really well.

  • Use whatever cone (Elizabethan collar) you can get hold of. And / Or contrive a protective shield from a pair of tights. Its remarkable what you can do with the legs or the panty bit and fashion some kind of garment which keeps things from being unpicked.

  • Personally I prefer to take the cone off when I am able to supervise, just using it when I can't keep an eye on the dog. And making it plain that trying to get it off is not acceptable! My boy Sunny showed his displeasure by banging the thing into my leg. We had a discussion about that! When any of my dogs had surgery to neuter, I used a cone hardly at all. They slept with me, so I was instantly aware of any attempts to lick at or pull stitches....but then, I am a light sleeper!

  • @zande I did try a 12 month old size onsie, the garment for a baby. She was highly offened at something covering her bottom. I'll give more thought to this.

  • @julie4444 It depends what area you are trying to protect but it is surprising just what you can contrive with a pair of tights.

    I have several Elizabethan Collars, collected over the years. I take a nice comfy one to the vet when I collect the invalid Basenji, and invariably the collar is off by the time we are half way home.

    Panty hose is the way to go if you can !

  • @zande I emailed you for detailed instructions on your clothing idea.

  • I'm with @Zande on the pantyhose. But there isn't an easy fix. When a Basenji meets a collar they don't like the collar is going to come off. Even attaching the collar to a harness, the half life of the collar on my dogs is about 15 seconds. Unless I'm there to supervise and they get sleepy and give up.

    Hope your pup gets better soon!

  • @zande could you give me the pantyhose ideas too as we’re going to be needing something soon. Thanks!

  • @chenke No ! I can't give you any ideas, because every case is totally individual and depends on the size and sex of the dog as well as the size and location of the wound.

    You take a pair of tights (panty hose) and you look at the dog and decide which part you need to protect. Then you use your ingenuity and a pair of scissors. I have made a whole-body sheath from one leg and cut holes for the dog's front legs to keep it in place. And I have used the panty bit in various ways.

    Honestly, you have to figure it out according to what you need. I have never had to protect a neutered dog, because I have never, ever, castrated a boy. And the couple of girls I have spayed over the years, in old age and for quality of life health reasons, haven't been stitch-pullers. But cuts from brambles and things, on the haunches, the neck, wherever. . . you can figure out something !

  • @julie4444 No email received. . . but see my later post here.

  • @zande ok, thanks for this extra help! I appreciate it! My Basenji hasn't broken her cone any more. A relief! But in a few days I'll try a garment while supervised only. I appreciate all who have chimed in!!! Thank you!

  • @julie4444 - What happened that she needed surgery? Where is the incision? In most cases they will not bother the surgery sight... I have made home made collars that work quite well... While I don't post pictures here, I can show you via email. My link for email is on my website below. Note that Vets will advise for a cone.... just part of their normal solution... but not always really necessary.

  • Well All, my baby ran into my bedroom as a Basenji does, warped speed and the vet cone flew in pieces. Ugh. I promptly taped up what I could, minus a few chuncks. So needless to say, this morning I'm going back to the vet and buy 2 more! Note to self: in any other surgery or injury, next time buy 3! Got to love them! ❤

  • This post is deleted!

  • @donc Zulu trashed his first cone even before we picked him up from the vet. When we picked him up, I just took the second one off right away. I do have a big baby onsie for backup in case he starts licking

  • @chenke thank you for your input! When I went to the vet, they had a shorter and more flexible plastic cone. The one I had was from them but from long ago. It definitely was from a plastic that is more able to brake. She's more content with this cone.

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