• Bella has always had a sensitive stomach. Sometimes worse than others… We were doing fine for a long time, then she got really sick about two weeks ago with vomiting and diarhea. I thought she was back to normal, but just realized the stools are still quite loose, not diarhea but not firm either. She doesn't seem to be going repeatedly or be in any distress. I just know this isn't "normal" for her. Someone suggested I feed her yogurt... Is this a good idea and if so, how much should I feed and what kind (plain?).

  • I have never fed yogurt, but had it suggested at one point to me as well. Plain yogurt is best, and it's because of the cultures in it, so I would assume the ones that boast their bacterial cultures.

    I personally suggest that you try some plain brown rice mixed with the food, yogurt if you want, but the rice will help. If you want to give a break from the food, mix a little egg, and boiled ground turkey with the rice. It always works well when Medjai isn't feeling well.

  • I've heard many times (but haven't had the need to try it–fingers crossed) that canned pumpkin will also help with tummy troubles and firm up stool. (That's 100% pumpkin, not the tarted-up pie filling.)

    Such as:


    Hope all's well soon…

  • Yes, yogart is good for them and yes, plain…. however for a tummy problem, best to go a couple of days on a bland diet of boiled turkey (or chicken or beef) and boil it in water to drain off any fat, mixed with brown or white rice. (some dogs to not digest brown rice well and it just passed through them). Pumpkin is good also, but IMO, not when they are having tummy problems.

  • I agree Pat-no pumpkin when they are having tummy troubles. Plain Yoghurt is also good.

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