• Just today, I found my 12.5 yr old girl has trouble keeping her balance - her rear legs (one more than the other) can't seem to keep her up for long periods. Friday she was normal, Saturday she seemed to just want to lie on the couch. Today she is aware of her surroundings, can walk very slowly, did eat a little breakfast and most of her dinner. She is having a lump removed this week so not sure if this is related or something due to a tick bite (a week or so ago) or something else altogether. I will be calling the vet first thing in the morning but wondered if anyone else has encountered something like this.

  • I don't have experience with this, but I would be horrified if it happened to doodle. Please keep us updated!

  • my 13 and a half year old basenji has the same problem. Was your dog around any wild rabbits? Have your vet run a test for E Conculi Parasite transmitted by rabbit urine. Also have your dogs kidneys checked as it causes kidney failure. I treated mine with fluid therapy for 3 days then fed him plain wallaby Kefir yogurt.
    Hes doing much better....

  • Tick bites can cause paralysis, so definitely you need to check that out.

  • Sorry it took so long - the vet checked her out and she pinched a nerve (apparantly when she tried jumping on the bed). He checked for tick diseases, organ functions, etc etc. All fine but the x-rays did show a bone spur on one of the lower vertebra so that little jump was all it took. She's walking much better now and almost back to normal.

  • Glad to hear she is doing better. My girl Lady when she was a senior did a number on her back which resulted in her being less inclined to jump up on things, although it didn't affect her balance or hind legs.

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