• Cooper has had the runs and vomiting for about 48 hours now. We went to the vet yesterday morning after he started vomiting. Based on his symptoms and fecal test, we think it's inflammation due to allergies (dust mites!!!).

    I'm following the vet's advice and will return tomorrow if he doesn't keep down bland food today.

    My problem, however, is getting out the yellow bile from the carpet!!!! He's never had such yellow vomit before, and even Nature's Miracle isn't getting it out! Any advice on removing these stains?

  • I work for a carpet cleaning company and we use a product called FLUOROSIL for pet stains. I don't know if you can order this because we get it wholesale, but you can try: www.interlinksupply.com

    If you can't get this product or don't want to wait for it to be shipped try 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water. I'd probably try this first… might save you some money!

    Good luck.

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