• Shango has been doing this really strange thing this week.

    While taking walks, he'll just randomly decide to plop down under a shady tree. I'm assuming this is because of the heat and he just wants a small break, but aren't basenji's supposed to enjoy the heat?

    Granted, it's been pretty hot/humid these past few days, and he enjoys pretty long walks but I was just curious.

    Am I overreacting or does this strike you as abnormal?

  • No, pretty normal.. Mirtillo does this as well.. He also walkes without properly lifting his feet when it's to hot..

  • Both mine will do that every once in a while. I just let them rest a minute, then we're on our way again.

  • Ok, great. That's what I thought.

    Thanks guys!

  • Jack used to do that a lot when he was puppy…..we would take a walk, and at some point he would decide that he was done, and he would plop down in a spot of shade and not move.

    We spent many a walk with me carrying him back to the house. My dog spoiled? No way! 😉

  • On more than one occasion on the way home from a walk (and not a long one at that) in the summer, I've had to carry Ruby back part of the way. Totally normal…especially if it is humid.

  • I agree that this means that they are too hot. Tosca did this once and I had to carry her halfway home. From there on I learned to carry a small container of water with me, and to give her drink breaks along the way. Otherwise wait until evening and go when its cooler.

  • Yea Dallas has done this as well. He will just plop down in the grass for a few minutes unless I pick him up & carry him. I tend to take him in a shady park now for walks or at night instead & haven't had any issues since 🙂

  • This is very normal. I went to a dog show and brought my basenji with me and we walked around out side looking at vendors for a while and as soon as I sat down on a bench she just fell over in the shade. We gave her some water to cool down and she was fine. Basenjis love the sun but they know when to much is enough.:)

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