Should I neuter my Basenji?

@cognition - My contract for pet puppies state that spay/neuter is required. What is different is the timing... and 90% of pet people do not want to have an intact dog/bitch.... I neutered my first male at 4yrs because we had bitches intact in the house and we decided that I would not be using him...

@cognition you didn't send me your email address via messaging privately so I have not been able to forward you Liz McCargo' s piece. It spells out reasons not to neuter, for health and development. I think you would find it most helpful.

People who have recently neutered puppies will not yet know of adverse effects. Which is probably why nobody has responded. Or they may be regretting their actions.

Again, @tanza has the right of it. Timing is everything. Certainly you should never even consider neutering before hormonal and structural development - and not before 3 or 4 years old. By that time you should have realised that having an entire basenji just means vigilance for a few weeks once a year.

Over here we possibly have a different mindset. I always insisted my puppies NOT be neutered, and never sold to any one with that in mind. Late in life to improve quality is one thing. Cutting a dog for the owner's convenience is another.

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@cognition said in Should I neuter my Basenji?:

I am surprised no one who has neutered their dog responded

I made it clear to my pups breeder that I wanted my pup to be spayed. As an "older adult" I recognized that I lacked the knowledge to be a breeder myself, didn't have a desire to learn about breeding, and (generally) wanted a puppy as a companion. As it turns out, the girl they picked for me was a Fanconi Carrier, which means that she could have passed Fanconi on to her own pups, and only made the decision to spay her more responsible. She was 18 months old when she was spayed. I have never regretted my choice. ♥ my baby girll!

@elbrant - She could have only passed Fanconi to her pups if the Sire was a Carrier or Affected. Carrier to Clear the pups would either be Carrier or Clear and would not get Fanconi.

@elbrant said in Should I neuter my Basenji?:

was a Fanconi Carrier, which means that she could have passed Fanconi on to her own pups,

Absolute nonsense ! Unless the dog she was bred to was also a carrier. And then you would have had a 50/50 chance of producing an Affected. However, Affected does NOT mean afflicted.

Very far from all the dogs DNA tested 'affected' actually become afflicted.

And with due care there was no need to for her to be bred anyway. You wanted a companion, you got a companion, that you maybe inadvertently shortened the time you have together, we shall never know.

I honestly cannot get my head around the frequent mutilation of healthy dogs just for the convenience of their owners. In Europe the tendency is to keep the dogs entire and be careful.

@zande - Sad to say, not true in the US.... to many Backyard/puppy farmers out there just to make money...

@tanza I know. It makes me so sad, though, that so many dogs are altered for what seems to me to be entirely spurious reasons.

@tanza @Zande You have both eloquently illustrated how little I know about breeding, and one of the primary reasons I'm glad she is spayed. There is much I do not know about!

May doodle and I be blessed with a loving relationship long into our years together!

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@elbrant But, and I think @tanza will agree with me, Doodle was cut at 18 months, I think you said ? So not as a puppy. She will have had at least one and probably two proper seasons and have reached hormonal maturity. Therefore her chances are much better than if she had been spayed as a totally immature puppy.

I am still rabidly against neutering 'for convenience' but can more or less accept that in USA you have a different mindset. Just leave puppies to mature properly first - PLEASE.

Thanks again for the responses all!

I will review all the material received and respond back with my thoughts and or further questions.

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