Meet Lexxi & Lokki

Beautiful pair of basenjis. Thank you for posting.🐾❤🐕

Fun pictures. Great to meet Lexxi, Lokki and you. Both are very good looking. The videos... love ‘em. Lokki’s fast. The second video though... the Basenji Tasmanian Devil world is ending give it back now growl... 😂

Lokki was not even running at full speed in the fence running video.

Loved the My Toy video.

Thanks for sharing!

@pawla said in Meet Lexxi & Lokki:

Lokki was not even running at full speed in the fence running video.

No, not even close! A Basenji at full speed is much more stretched out (like in my avatar....taken from a video). Their tails uncurl out behind them when they are really motoring!

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Nice, anybody knows a place in florida to get a basenji?

We made a 9 hour drive to New Hampshire from New York to adopt my B family. When we picked up Lexxi, we got stuck in New Hampshire due to a snow storm. We stayed in a dog friendly hotel and had one of the best days bonding in the hotel with my little princess. We made the same drive for Lokki a few months later but the weather was much nicer.

Lexxi is definitely Alpha! She is head strong and whats hers is hers, and whats yours is hers.

Wow! These are two gorgeous little ones. Is the red one Lokki? Looks full of it in the eyes?

Oh my gosh! They are both so gorgeous! And I love the growl-fest over the toy!!!!!

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