Ellie 6 months old today!

@jkent - This is a perfect place for a Basenji.... LOL

@JKent I just love her color pattern. Any chance of seeing her left side profile? I’d like to see the left side of her neck and across her back. Just love that spot on her right. 🥰

Her coloring and patterning are beautiful. She is an absolute GORGEOUS Basenji! ❤🐾 Just lovely!

@jengosmonkey left side and top view!

3_1606918716661_IMG-20201202-WA0003.jpg 2_1606918716611_IMG-20201202-WA0004.jpg 1_1606918716580_IMG-20201202-WA0005.jpg 0_1606918716553_IMG-20201202-WA0006.jpg use

I’m no breeder, and my knowledge of the Basenji show standard is rudimentary at best. That said Ellie is one of the most beautiful Basenjis I’ve seen. The way her white underbelly cheats it’s way up the sides of her thighs. Not sure I’ve seen that before. The white pin stripe up the back of her skull. Jengo had one, so I’m partial to that. The spot. Just dig that so much. I hope she never grows out of her wrinkles. Happy you found each other! Keep us updated. 👊😁👍

@zande said in Ellie 6 months old today!:

@donc I crop photos, remove dead space and humans so only the dog fills the picture . Heads look better side on than full front !

Have to disagree in this case. LOL Both are cute but my guess would be 70-30 for the "full frontal" with the two eyes right at you.

But I'm thinking of a family type print not a genealogical database.

@donc here's the in between!


She is so PHOTOGENIC! A Basenji Super Model! Lol!

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@jkent said in Ellie 6 months old today!:

@donc here's the in between!

The first one is significantly better IMO. When you have a cute critter full face you want them looking right at you. Doesn't matter what type of mammal it is.

0_1606952322789_LM7M0732-sharpen-stabilize doenrez.jpg

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