Stylin' in the rain

Uploading your video to YouTube is probably easiest and cleanest. You might also consider uploading to onedrive, creating a public directory, making that location public, then sharing the link here. I’ve done both, but prefer the YouTube solution.

What a cute boy and his raincoat too! He looks much like my brindle basenji, Arrow!

Is that a Lands End coat?? It fits perfectly and he's a handsome boy!!!

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Zaki is a real cutie! He quite dapper in his raincoat.

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WHAT a handsome boy!!!!!


Yes, and they will put a logo on it for you too. We own a business and blue is our color so the next one will have our business logo on it. We are going to make a video of how best to secure your dog in a moving car, so he will end up being the star on that segment.

@slents said in Stylin' in the rain:

how best to secure your dog in a moving car,

Surely to crate him is the best ? If I have to wear a seat-belt, my Basenjis ride in a crate. An open wire one (or two) so they have all-round vision.

If you are in an accident - which Heaven forbid - the last thing you want is a loose Basenji.

@slents I know! My Jessey has a Lands End coat as well - with his name embroidered - they are great! I can't upload an image though - tells me the file is too big sighhhhh.

@zande - I also have crates in the SUV, they are always in their crates when riding, no exceptions.

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