Eye issues causing vision impairment

@zande - The thing about PRA in Basenjis is that it typically starts as night blindness but will develop to full blindness...

@mosenji - Did any of the test check for Lyme? Since that is caused by tick bites?

@tanza Yes - but that is normally much later in life than this wee doggie.

@zande Oh for sure... PRA in Basenjis is late onset, after the age of 5ish... but it would start with night blindness and progress to full blindness

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Thank you everyone for your responses. Yes I did a whole panel for all kinds of diseases that could be born from tick and other insects and it was all negative or Inconclusive which is concerning. Going to an internal med doc this Saturday hoping to figure this all out and I will keep everyone posted. Thank you for your support and I'm so glad I'm on this forum.

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Hi all, took Kala to internal med and she definitely has vision impairment and chest X-ray was negative. The internist wants me to go back to the eye specialist. Have any of you heard of optical neuropathy due to inflation of the eyes?

@mosenji - for sure go back to the eye specialist. And I have never heard of Optical neuropathy in dogs

I have never come across it either - the eye specialist OUGHT to be able to get to the bottom of things. Good luck

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Hello Basenji lovers who replied to me. My update about Kala.
Since neither the internal med vet, the opthamologist nor general vet could find out what is going on with Kala, she is diagnosed with autoimmune disorder. No real test for it, nor medicine. She has been on cyclosporine, prednisone pills and Durezol drops and her eyes seem to improve. Now we are tapering down the meds but I have added CBD to her meals twice a day and I think that has made the most positive affect. Her vision is improved but not back to normal. I am hopeful. 🙂

@mosenji said in Eye issues causing vision impairment:

She has been on cyclosporine, prednisone pills and Durezol drops and her eyes seem to improve.

The Durezol is going to relieve the eye inflammation. Hopefully the Cyclosporine and Prednisone will treat whatever is causing the inflammation. Please keep us updated, our thoughts are with you.

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