• A couple of weeks ago I noticed a small whitish dot right at the inside corner of Booger's eyelid. I thought it was just a minor battle wound, but it hasn't gotten better. Now he's starting to get one on the other eye. They are both small, whitish dots that are just a little bit calousy or warty looking, if that makes sense. They don't seem to bother him, but I'm wary of eye problems.
    Andrew says a friend of his had a dog that got scratched in the eye by a cat & developed some sort of bacterial infection & it was quickly cleared up with antibiotics. We have a cat, and they frequently wrestle. Could this be a wart? Will this clear up or should we go to the vet?
    I tried to take pictures; they make it look a little worse than it really is. The second shot looks as if its swolen & slightly obscuring his vision, but its not really. He doesn't seem to have any vision problems or anything.

  • I'd take him to the vet.

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