Dogs & warts

I did a quick Google, so I know they can get them, didn't go any further 'cause I would rather hear from you folks than 'Wikipedia'. At this point I'm not even sure that is what he has on his pad, I haven't taken him to the vet yet. He licks it pretty often and for long periods of time when he does, to the point that, if I didn't know better, I might suspect he had piddled in the spot he was sitting. He gets it that damp with the licking. It looks and feels kinda like a raised callous. It's on the bottom of the pad. If it turns out to be a wart, what, if any, treatment is used for dogs? I had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot as a teen and the several "freezing" treatments were not fun:(

Could this have anything to do with the thyroid meds? Maybe he needs an adjustment in dosage?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Bart, I would suggest you make a vet appt. If its something other than a wart, say a splinter which is deep in the pad, and you did the wrong treatments, that could be bad for your b.
Let us know what the vet says…

Bart i agree with Sharon and feel a vet needs to see it. It does sound as if it's realy bothering him.

Actually wasn't planning on any kind of home treatment, just wondering what to expect IF it was a wart, after a vet check. That being said, took the fella to the vet this afternoon. The regular vet (Dr. Tracy) is out for a while having had surgery so we saw the guy who's covering for her. He said at first it looked like he may have stepped on some glass (there is a split in the middle of this 'growth') but when I explained our circumstances, i.e. the constant licking for a couple of months, there's never been any kind of blood, and we rarely, if ever walk where there is broken glass ( the few times I've seen it we steer very clear), he said it was probably a wart. Kinda didn't give me a whole lot of confidence in the diagnosis…"probably", really? He said the only way to get rid of it was to cut it out. I went ahead and made an appointment for the surgery but I'm having second thoughts on the issue.

Any thoughts, suggestions? I'm thinking of maybe cancelling the appointment until Dr. Tracy is back. The thing is, other than licking, he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. He doesn't limp or favor that paw in any way that I can see. He doesn't even react when I've messed with it, trying to get a better look. Maybe I should just let it be???? What's a mom to do😕 ?

Had the surgery, all was well, for 5 days…then it became a game to see whether I could re-wrap the paw and keep the e-collar on or he could get out of it while I was at work. He won everyday, came home to find the e-collar off, the bandage off, and an angelic fuzzy guy looking at me:D They are just so darn cute, couldn't get mad, just repeat.:eek: No harm, no foul, just one less wire stitch for the vet to remove. God and Arleigh only know what happened to that missing one.:) I think that paw may have been botherng more than I realized as he is quite a lot more playful now than b4. More like when I first got him...can't help myself, I think he's cute as the dickens.:D

PS: sorry about the phrasology - "cute as the dickens" - probably old and regional. Mom is old and from Maine and she says this about him:) Trust me when I say it means he's VERY cute!

Glad he is on the mend. Sounds like you did exactly the right treatment for your boy.

Thanks Mac! I really love my guy and`I'm so happy that he is feeling better. We've been walking and playng lots 🙂

Glad he is on the mend!! So, was it a wart?

Yes, it was. Being on the bottom of the foot, it was quite annoying, I guess. He still licks the spot occassionally but I suspect that may be 'cause its still a somewhat fresh wound more than anything else. Amazing that such a small thing could affect his behavior the way it seems to have. I just wish I could have seen something sooner. It was obviously bothering him for quite a while b4 there were any visual (to me) signs. Gosh, makes me want one of those dog tranlsater collars from the movie "UP"…..'sqirrell' 🙂

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