• Would anyone please recommend a dog breed for our little Enzo. We only adopt rescues (including Enzo). Basenjis have such a strong prey drive that I don’t want to adopt a squeaky toy for him but I don’t want to hurt his ego by getting too big of a sibling. We have only had basenjis and border collies for the past 30 years and we tend to adopt older dogs (3-7 years old) that no one wants. Thank you

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  • I would suggest a dog of similar age, energy level, and personality to your basenji rather than focusing on a particular breed. Since you're going the adoption route rather than the breeder route, your possibilities are potentially limitless. Read adoption profiles for your local shelter, Petfinder, rescue, etc. carefully. Dogs being fostered in actual homes by people are probably likely to have slightly more accurate information about them, since they're being observed in a home environment rather than a shelter. Best of luck!

  • If i were doing it would be a corgi. Hands down. Mybasenjis were one tri and one red. My grandaugher had one tri and one red. Corgi. The first time they met it was ❤❤❤❤️ Mine were girls and hers were boys and they paired up to color. Red with red and tri with tri. Corgies a delight, but way toooo much hair for me. But i would do it in a heart beat if necessary

  • Whippets are a common companion breed for basenjis. Our Bs have really loved playing with a number of shiba inus. If you’re looking for a new family member sooner rather than later, I’d recommend adopting a dog that’s in the 30-40 lb range (at least, that’s a size my dogs consider to be pretty equal). Finding an individual dog that your B enjoys is obviously the most important (when you’re adopting a not-puppy), so I’d focus on a weight range just a little bigger than your basenji.

  • I fostered lots of basenjis over the years and I could never tell who was going to get along with who until they got together. I wish you a successful hunt!!!

  • They’re harder to find in rescue but My basenjis have always had the most fun playing with other sight hounds - their playing style is most similar.

    And it’s different for every dog but in my experience basenjis are 100% convinced they’re big dogs and have no problem wrestling and chasing with dogs plenty times their size lol (and usually come out on top too) - if the wrestling gets too rough they can always just run away and few non-sight hound breeds can catch them

    (For example the other night my basenji was running amok with a friend’s pack of six 50-60 pound salukis (a breed of sight hound) and having the time of her life bossing them around)

    Obviously every dog is different and I agree with other commenters! Individual compatibility is most important

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  • Basenjis tend to believe (and to my mind it is true LOL) that they are a superior race / breed. They will take it as read that they are the top dog so will get along with anything which will submit.

    Is it possible to take in a Rescue to try it for size as it were - once you are pretty sure you have found the right buddy ?

  • If you still live in Colorado why not check with the Colorado Basenji Rescue. They currently have a senior pair in need of a home listed and a mix whose adoption is pending. They may have others in foster home. Call them: 303-455-8216.

  • Thank you so much but for the last 6 months yes, six months I have not gotten a response from them and those pictures are 2 years old of that sweet pair. That is why we drove to Texas to adopt Enzo our current basenji. We like to adopt older dogs and would love to have another older pup since no one seems to want them. Thank you again. I’m trying pet finder. We are so lucky in Colorado that most of our shelters have a high adoption rate.

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