Cute 5 month old basenji for adoption in houston

  • i got my puppy 2 days ago, i think i won't be able to take care of him and would like to give for adoption, he's akc registered with all shots, he has his crate, food, bowls, bones to chew on. i'm looking for someone who's familiar with this breed. i'm in houston tx


    Please contact BRAT and they will help you find him a new home.

    Before you do that, you should contact the breeder. If you bought him from a responsible breeder, he or she should be happy to take him back, and find him a new home.

  • she doesn't want him back, that's very sad.

  • Yes, that is very sad…. would be nice if all breeders were responsible..... but BRAT is your best choice at this stage.... people should know about these kind of breeders so that others do not purchase from them or send others to them....

  • thank you very much for your help i changed my mind he's too cute and he's been a very good boy so i'm going to keep him.
    thank you

  • That is great to hear…. but remember they can be a challenge. And it can be overwhelming at first...gggg.. and still was not a very good thing that the breeder you got him from to not be responsible enough to take him back.....
    Keep us posted on how he is doing and would love to see pictures...

  • Hi, I did not say I would NOT take the puppy back!! If I sounded hesitant, it was only because I wanted you to give it a little more time, as you only had the puppy less than 24 hours. I apologize that you got the impression I would not take the puppy back. You said to be fair you would keep him a week and see how thing went. If it did not go well, if I minded you adopting him out to another home provided they could properly take care of him. I recently took back a 6 year old dog I sold as a puppy and have now placed her in another home. I have never refused to take a puppy or an adult back!!

  • HI, I am so glad you have changed your mind. Just keep him crated when your not home and he won't tear your house down. He should be getting better about now. When you first took him, he was taken away from the only home he knew, so he was very upset, nervous and wanted to come back home, that's why your house was tore up. Once he is used to his new environment it won't be so bad. He will still chew up everything in his site as I have warned you, if you do not watch him and crate him while you are gone!!
    Keep me posted….

  • I think that many people go through that adjustment period of "oh no, what did I get myself into?"….. however, IMO it is the breeders job to make sure they understand what to expect.... and of course I am one that people MUST sign a contract that requires the pup to come back to me... no questions asked and also Spay/Neuter..... is a requirement.... or if a show puppy a co-ownership... and that is NOT optional... Of course that along with health testing is important... before a litter is bred....

  • It's definately a breeders job to properly inform a potential buyer of the breeds 'quirks' however IMO it is more important that the buyer do the proper research. A breeder can explain until their blue in the face all of the, possibly, undesirable traits a dog could have but if that person is set they will tell themselves everything they want to hear to make it ok and 'doable'.

    You have limitless inofrmation about a breed but you can only obtain so much information about a buyer.

  • I totally agree with you, spitfirekrl1….. however that is why breeders have the return clause in their contracts, cause these things happen... I know of one couple who waited over 1 1/2 yrs for their puppy from a breeder... they took the puppy home and in 3 days the puppy was returned... the reason??? "We didn't know that it took longer then a couple of days to housetrain.... We can't deal with that...".... yikes....

  • People definately need to make sure that, that is stated in the contract before buying a puppy because you never do know.

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