Wanted purebred Basenji older puppy to 5 years

  • I lost my 14 year old companion due to a cerebral accident 10/10/16. I have been trying to find a new dog since January 2016. His health was failing, his death was unexpected, his 12-year canine brother and I are hurting. I am retired and can't afford an $850 dog price. I am seeking pet quality and dog will be neutered. Sex and color do not matter. The dog will be loved in a secure home and lack for nothing. I've found a couple dogs that were jerked out from under me.
    BRAT and I do not agree on how to best care for and keep safe our basenjis, and I have made countless fruitless contacts. Does anyone have leads or, better yet, a dog? I have raised Basenjis 20 years, so I am Basenji-savvy. Email basidad@yahoo.com.

  • M D Allen, I'm not trying to be rude or smart but, since you raised Senjis for such a long time, can you contact any of the breeders or people that you got your Senjis from? Or are they the countless fruitless contacts??

  • Your question is unwarrantedly, inherently suspicious. I have no contacts because all purchases and adoption were over 10 years ago. The only breeder I've used died some time back. I've had only 3 long-lived basenjis in close to 20 years. I tried BRAT, was treated poorly and disinterestedly (end of discussion). I have followed over 2 dozen leads. Basenjis are not common and are expensive. Please don't waste my time questioning motivations and processes: not my 1st rodeo. Do you or does anyone else have a dog needing a good home or not? I have a good home to give a good dog.

  • Having worked with Brat for many years, have never found them either rude or uninterested in a legitimate potential home, and knowing their expectations are not unusual, it is rather important you state what your conflicts were, because honestly, most basenji rescues, owners, and breeders probably expect the same. Easier to be upfront about what you think the right way is rather than waste people's time trying to find you a dog when you may not agree with their ideas on how to best care for their basenjis also.

    As for the question being "unwarrantedly, inherently suspicious"... I'd say your response is paranoid. The question was a simply one, trying to suggest other options if you hadn't considered them. Your rude, abrasive and disrespectful responses would put an end to my considering you for help, btw. But others here may be more sympathetic and have leads or a dog once you explain your views.

  • I agree with DebraDownSouth. You are asking someone to just blindly trust you and just give you one of their precious dogs but you are not willing to be transparent enough and courteous enough in tern to earn the trust that would be needed to entrust someone with their precious animal. If answering a few legitimate straightforward questions is "wasting your time", maybe you don't have the time needed to devote to another dog.

  • @M-D-Allen M-D-Allen, I don't know why you think my question is "unwarrantedly, inherently suspicious". When you said "I have raised Basenjis 20 years", that's a long time so I figured that you'd known several breeders & other people. You never said that you'd only used one breeder or that the only breeder had died. I wish you much luck in finding another Senji..

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