Not sure if Basenji or mutt...

WHAT a sweet baby! You are so lucky to have found such a wonderful pup! Congratulations.


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I can just see him doing the 'basenji 500!' Hopefully you are already witnessing him all of a sudden getting a burst of energy and running around crazy - the basenji 500!
Enjoy him!

Oh, yes! We have already seen this! The thing is, I have seen this in all the dogs I've owned (particularly the Weimaraner, Pit Bulls, and Jack Russell's) throughout my life.

@DonC Yeah, If I can do anything about it, I will. Maybe like another user said, I'll get overlooked during the whole virus shutdown, and they won't try to enforce my adoption agreement. If anything, I'll ask them if we can wait until he is fully matured to avoid the most significant impacts as much as possible.

As for the genetics, I wasn't aware of any other breed with Basenji traits. Thanks for letting me know! I can see how each of those breeds share traits, for sure!

@MrsCastro Oh, he is gorgeous for sure... I think he knows it, too... crazy nut! I'll try to keep you guys posted with some pics over time!

@NancySS We are quite lucky! Although we would consider it blessed, but I totally get what you mean! Thanks!

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@donc - DNA those breeds Ridgebacks/Azawakhs are not typically in the Basenji... yes they are hounds and came from Africia but not found in Basenjis DNA that I have seen... but Decker Terriers are Rat Terriers and Basenjis were used in the development of Deckers and of course Deckers were used in the development of Rat Terriers.... if you research Basenji pedigrees you will not find Ridgeback or Azawah

The transfer of DNA would predate any Western pedigree. I guess you could prove otherwise by showing the descendants of the new imports shared more DNA with Ridgebacks and Azawakhs than the descendants of the earlier arrivals. I don't think that study has been done and I suspect it wouldn't show any significant difference.

The DNA heat maps are quite conclusive on the point that Basenjis share DNA with Ridgebacks and Azawakhs as well as that, unlike other breeds, don't share a ton in general. Doubt I'm not remembering this correctly. The maps were unforgettable because I had to ask what an Azawakh was, having never heard of the breed. FWIW I believe the maps were shown at the health seminar at last year's Nationals. If interested you might be able to track them down.

@kembe Thank you. We kinda like her 😉. Your guess is as good as mine. There are hundreds of dogs all over Texas who look just like her. The shelter where she was born claimed her mother was a Jack Russell. Hubby believes she's part Cookie Monster. Doesn't really matter at this point...she's 100% family.

He's really cute but definitely not a Basenji. I'm assuming people are using the term mutt to encompass anything not pure bred but many pure breed are crossed with other pure breed to create new 'breeds' , Labradoodle, cockapoo etc etc. This is how new breeds are formed. Yours looks like a lovely little chap, live him for who he is not what he is.

Love him not live him ......

Very cute, if anything a mix, but do not see Basenji, but welcome here

@eledhan I’m new to Basenji - but dang that forehead is pretty Basenji.

When it comes to the typical Basenji personality - I can’t make that fit with our Basenji. She is from a danish breeder and with my breeding knowledge from other dogs - specifics can vary quit a bit. Anyway our little Basenji is overly social, kind hearted and very willing to please. She does not go Basenji500 and loves other dogs - even when the do not love her back. BUT she is sooo typical in other ways digs, spurts and loves to track. AND she has no dog-typical signes for being nervous - she would NEVER lie down to show that she is submisive to other dogs. I think that is the most typical Basenji thing for me.

I so understand why you would want to know what kind of dog you have - it can make training so much more presice AND fun for you and your dog... Maybe just go with click training and positive reinforsments (if that is not what you are allready doing🙈) That is often recomentet for Basenji - I absolutly love training with this technic. ![alt text](image url)SO MUCH FUN!

Any way - what a BEAUTIFUL and CUT pup!!

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@donc - what in interesting post. My second favourite dog is The rhodesian ridgeback❤

He’s got a beautiful coat!! Looks like basenji mix to me!

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