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It was interesting to see the information on the Russian Fox study. I had heard quite a bit about that before, and it reinforces the idea that selective breeding can inadvertently change characteristics other than the ones you have targetted. Makes one wonder about what breeding for specific physical characteristics might do to other factors, like temperament for example. There are reasons why folks who have working Border Collies have resisted breed showing for their dogs, because they are afraid of losing the performance instincts to a quest for "pretty".

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It is not available in my region because of "rights reasons". I will have to watch it some other time.

I have the same problem 😟

I also found that Russian fox study to be fascinating. Especially when the scientists were breeding by selecting for friendly behavior and found characteristics of white patches and curly tails in the foxes. They said the white patches on the face and bellies along with the curly tails are characteristics found in domesticated animals. Even though they were genetically selecting for behavior alone that these other characteristics are somehow genetically linked.

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@redial said in Dog Tales:

It is not available in my region because of "rights reasons". I will have to watch it some other time.

I have the same problem 😟

Try using a VPN and choose a city in the U. S. for your location. There are quite a few free VPNs available on line.

Here's a snapshot from the show putting the Basenji first in line before all other breeds.
0_1582442093232_dog tales.jpg

Also, is this the link some of you used but having problems due to regions and viewing rights?

If you can view, catch the "not that trainable" B. at 26:16. With that face, he needs not be at all 😆

You might also try your local library - ours here often have DVD copies of Nova and other shows to borrow.

As I mentioned, you likely can view the program by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) of which there are many available for download free online. I cannot view the program without using one, I get the same "rights reasons" message, even though the show has been aired on a cable station I receive. However, using a VPN that shows my IP address as being in the United States allows me to view the program on line. There are many other reasons to use a VPN, and lots of people use them for the privacy they offer.

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Kembe had her yearly vet appointment on Monday and the vet said he had just watched a PBS special on dogs and he didn’t know that the Basenji was the oldest known dog breed directly descended from the wolf. He suggested I watch the show - which was very interesting. It’s called DOG TALES - NOVA Season 47, Episode 2, and its 54 minutes long. It first aired 2/12/20 and available to view until 3/11/20. You can watch it online or stream it. The Basenji is considered to be the “GRANDAD OF ANCIENT DOGS”, is the most ancient breed and the closet ancestor of the wolf. I really enjoyed the episode - it was very interesting.

Wow, I didn't know our race was the oldest. How curious!

No - Basenjis are not the oldest breed. They are among the oldest, among the 6 'original' breeds. Normally assessed as 6000 years old.
(In other words, as old as I feel after a long walk through the forest with puppy in a sling) 😴

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