Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
I am new here.
I have a B boy , called Anu , born in Aug, 2018.
Nice to meet you.


Welcome to the forum. Such a handsome boy!

@anukim His expression says mischief to me lol.

Who are Dad and Mom to this handsome lad ?

Oh my, he’s a handsome boy!

Welcome! He is SUCH a beautiful boy!!!! Nancy Scott (and Binti, a 9 year old black and white)

He is very cute! I'm sure he'll keep you on your toes!

Hello so cute and I want this. Are yours or sell?

@diana Thank you. He is my four footed son.

They are all our children, as my son keeps telling me. I put the dogs first ! But who are Mom and Dad ?

@diana Hi Diana, I believe you live in UK ? Email me privately and perhaps we can meet up or you can visit if you are close enough. There are no puppies at the moment but we can get you onto a list for next breeding season - with someone who lives close to you.

He's such a cutie! Glad to have you join the forum.

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