Say Hello to Chester

Hi everyone,

Here is our boy, Chester 🙂 He's 11 weeks old. He's a real rascal, smart as hell. But also stubborn. And damn cute!

Pictures in links:

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OMGosh! He's adorable!!


“He's a real rascal, smart as hell. But also stubborn. And damn cute!”

Sounds like a typical basenji! Chester is a real cutie! Congratulations on your new pup! He’s beautiful! 🐾❤🐕

Ooooh... I like him a lot. So cute. 10 out of 10. Lucky you. Lucky him. You know that he’s going to destroy all your best stuff, right? And that’s cause he loves you and the smell of you. You guys are gonna have so much fun! Please update us with pics of your journey!

Care to tell us his breeding ? Mom, Dad, birthday etc so we can add him to the pedigree database - but why oh why do you have him all strapped up like that ? He's a baby ! You don't need to lace him up like a Christmas parcel.

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It's going to be very difficult to not spoil him - that's why he's so cute, you know?

WHAT a charmer!!!!! I hope you and Chester have long and happy lives together. You are going to have SO much fun!

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