Help identify if my dog Ely has Basenji heritage.

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  • "Most dogs" are relatively quiet for the first month (or two). It takes them a little while to get acclimated to their new home, which usually means they take some things a bit slow. The excitment you are seeing is possibly a mix between not understanding what you want (ex: walking on heel) mixed with being someplace new that she wants to explore. Work on her walking manners, and consider taking her along for a run. Maybe she would be interested in a game of fetch(?). Try to find something that will tire her out.

    As far as "Basenji heritage"... I don't see it. That doesn't mean it isn't there. If you decide to do a DNA test, please share the results with us. 🙂 Congrats, she looks like a cool pup!

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    i see more spanish spaniel than basenji.

  • I don't see Basenji in Ely. You can do a DNA test, and it will tell you what kind of dog he is. To me, his face looks
    a bit like a pitbull, but that is just to me. I think he is adorable. For one thing, Basenji's ear's do stand up. Some
    have one that kind of flops over for one reason or another, but if you look a pics of the basenji, their ears do stand
    Like elbrant had said, some dogs take adjusting to a new environment before they become vocal. Right now enjoy
    the quiet, and I would probably guess Ely will be vocal when he gets nice and comfortable. Long, long walks make
    a dog very tired, and they do no get into trouble (chewing and etc.). "A tired dog, is a good dog." If you do a DNA
    please don't hesitate to let us all know what he is..........outside of being adorable.

  • Ely looks like a beautiful pitbull. As the owner of basenjis, deckers and a pittie, while I love my senjis and decker (who just passed away), they are a bit stubborn. Pitties are much easier to train. You would be lucky if it was either breed.

  • Do the DNA test.

  • I think i see a little greyhound in there

  • My Goldie was half basenji, and her tail only curled a little, and she had LOTS more fur than a Basenji, but she was Basenji through and through in her actions, her attitude, and her lack of barking. She could bark, but did much more Baroo type vocalizing. Sweet Goldie got us started on a life of pure bred curly tailed clowns!!!! Your Ely is just beautiful. If you do decide to do her DNA, let us know. Whatever you decide, you are going to have a lifetime of love and laughs!!!!!

  • I see absolutely no Basenji there - just a cute little canine best friend ! Enjoy -

  • Looks more like a husky pit to me.

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