Senior Basenji help

We had to send our female to the Rainbow Bridge in October and now I am concerned my male is headed there soon. He whines and whimpers and has lost his interest in everything-hates walks now. Obssesive about food and treats. He is 14 but still looks pretty good except he is covered in lumps and bumps-all okay.

I just lost my boy yesterday, so I feel your pain. My problem was the reverse. My boy who was never a picky eater went off his food, a big red flag. Usually illness causes a decrease in interest in food. I am not sure what the reverse might indicate. I wish you the best of luck in sorting this out. It is so hard to lose them!

I think he has some Dogheimers. He is just unhappy and I feel guilty about thinking about it. Just wanted to vent. I am sorry you lost you furbaby-it is heart breaking I know

Have you had him checked by a Vet? There is medication for older dogs that may have what you refer to as "Dogheimers"

Reluctance to go for walks coupled with the whines and whimpers suggest he might be sore somewhere. In the course of trying to find the source of my guy's problems we took x-rays, which didn't enlighten us much but did reveal some arthritis in the spine and neck which had not been slowing him down, but I expect could have caused some discomfort.

He is going to be 15 and Does not do well on meds. Thanks!

Sometimes extreme hunger can be from hormones (thyroid even) or cancer.. At 15, not sure if knowing makes much difference. However, there are some meds to make him feel better and up to walking, which certainly would improve his quality of life.

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