Help - will a male basenji fit in?

  • I have never used a forum before - bear with me! To make a long story short - we lost our beloved 18 month old beagle/terrier mix girl Saturday. Her baby "sis" - our recently adopted 4 month old pit bull mix misses her terribly as much as us if possible. She is not eating much or playing. At her vet visit today I mentioned the loss to the Doc and told him we were thinking of adding a new baby to the household - just seems so empty without Molly.

    He mentioned that there was a family who had a male basenji show up 1 1/2 months ago at their home in the country. They say he is a people person and wants to come in the house very bad but they don't do inside dogs. They have beagles fenced that they hunt with. The husband did not want to start feeding him but the wife took pity on the guy and has been feeding table scraps. He has killed the neighboring farms chickens - so he is becoming unwelcome. They have become attached to him but know he needs a good home where he can come in. The lady left work and drove me to the country to meet this guy who is a stunner let me tell you. It took him a minute to come over to me but when he did he nuzzled my face as I talked to him softly and gave him a good petting. Our baby girl Blondie was with me since she had just been to the vet and they sniffed each other politely - no aggression.

    My question - I have never dealt with male dogs (he is intact - that would have to change). My girl will get spayed in Nov. when she is old enough.
    I have a picket fenced back yard - typical size - 4 feet? maybe tall. Will they jump a fence off leash? We live on a busy road. I have been researching the breed tonight on the internet. My husband has left the decision to me - he would be fine with it if I decide to do it. I do not commit lightly. Is there anything else I need to know to make this decision? I have only dealt with female puppy mutts - not male purebreed possibly adult - age unknown at this point. Any advice? I can't imagine someone not looking for him. She has watched the paper nightly - left info at all local vet/pet type of place in town - but nothing. Was he dropped off for a reason? Who knows. I would hate to bring home this little monster wrapped up in a pretty package. Just wanted to get someones input who has dealt with this breed. Thank you. Renee

  • I would say that yes, he would likely jump your fence, but that otherwise he might be a good dog for you, hard to say. If she thinks he might belong to someone she might want to check with the local shelter, and see if he has a microchip.
    there is a lot here on this forum to read about all the naughty tendancies of this breed, and lots of reasons to fall in love. you might also check out\learn

  • Basenjis are very athletic and active dogs. An adult basenji is capable of going over a 4 foot fence but may not. I would not trust one left alone in the yard all day but if he is in the backyard with you then he will probably not attempt to go over.

    If no one has contacted the local basenji club about this boy, it may be a good idea. It is possible that he has travelled a ways from where he lives or escaped when travelling. Here is a link to the Basenji Club of America's regional club listings,

  • if you decide not to take him in, please have her contact BRAT (basenji rescue and transport) they take in basenjis, rehabilitate them (if necessary) and find them loving homes. their site is either way i hope the little guy finds his forever home.

  • I agree with the general consensus…he most likely would not be contained in a four foot fence. Particularly if he already escaped from somewhere, he may be experienced in the art of escape. Otherwise I think he would be a great match for your family. Maybe you could find another way to exercise him?

    Either way, I agree that if you can keep him please contact either BCOA rescue, or BRAT about finding a home for this boy...he sounds like he really wants a forever family.

  • Renee, I am very sorry that my answer is not going to be a happy one, but it is honest and it is said with great concern. You have a 4 mo old pit bull mix. Do not add another dog. PB are bred to be dog aggressive. They almost ALWAYS do great with other dogs until they mature. I cannot begin to count even in just one year the number of people who post on the aol boards about their maturing PB or PBmix killing their other pets. They are always SOOOOO shocked as they just LOVED EACH OTHER… til that day.

    Many PB and PB mixes do great with other dogs and pets. But you don't know til they mature if they will. It is the one reason I support shelters euthanizing them all (and Rotties and chows) except when a breed rescue takes them. There are dogs (and btw I have chows and rotties) who simply need homes that are experienced with that breed to own, and PB are one of them. People with PB experience get them KNOWING that when the dog matures, they may have to safely keep them away from every other pet... and they are physically, emotionally, and financially able to provide that type of separation. IF you are, then you might consider another pet now. But get the pet for YOU, not for the sad PBmix.

    And frankly, because Basenji can also be snots about other dogs, I would consider a much much more "pack" oriented dog breed that is KNOWN to not be dog aggressive if you want a new pet.

    And please, let Basenji rescue know about this fellow so they can help with him.

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