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@dagodingo As punishment I mean at least tell her NO ... I understand now that pushing her away is just going to bring her back and more agressive, but its the fact that her dog doesn't even understand the word "NO" she thinks its a game and start playing and biting ur arms, hands, clothes, she even bite me in the face once because I was sitting on the floor and she jumped in my face.

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@eeeefarm thank you for your answer! it left a red mark this morning where she bite me, it was more swell yesterday and it didn't draw blood but it was pinching for a good 30 minutes.

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Hello everyone,

My sister has a 5 months old basenji and tonight she bite my arm as I was telling her not to put her paws on the dinning table. I have a cat and my cat goes on the table since she has no where else to escape. As the basenji came back over and over again on the table, she bite my arm as I pushed her away. My sister took her dog and told her to sit and gave her a treat. THATS ALL! no punishment not even a "no!"
I told her that she cannot reward her dog after she just bite me because she will continue to bite people if she knows that she will only have to sit to get a treat afterward...
Anyways my sister told me that this was the right way to train a basenji... to just make her sit and give her a treat and somehow I can't believe that this is the right way...

Please, can anyone explain to me if she's doing the right training to reward her basenji after she bites people's arm???

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