• Hi there, my Willow has 3 legs and today she cannot stand on her one back leg. She has had diarrhea for 2 days and her eyes are discharging. Any ideas? Is it allergies?

  • First thing to do, see your vet.

  • I agree, you need to go to the vets ASAP. We can give advice here but we are not substitutes for medical treatment. Having diarrhea for two days is likely to cause dehydration and needs to be investigated by a vet.

  • Vet visit ASAP.....

  • Thanks, I had an appointment with the vet but also reached out to prevent over-reacting. She was never dehydrated just worn out from playing too hard with one leg and eating food that was given to her without permission....oh and yes, she does have allergies

  • You are definitely not over-reacting. This sounds fairly serious. My guess is that if they believe it is an allergic reaction to something they'll give Willow a shot which will calm things down.

    Some dogs, like some people, are more allergic than others. But allergic reactions can be horrible and even life threatening so you don't want to mess around with them.

  • I hope you find the issue to the problem and that your dog is ok. My thoughts are with you and hoping for the best.Please Keep us posted .

  • @dmferrara I don’t think you can ever over react, many times I have taken my dogs with minor problems for peace of mind. Granted the vet fees mount up but it can work both ways if you hold off and it gets more serious the fees are higher.

    Usually when one has stomach problems they give them fluids to avoid dehydration and settle their stomach.

    My latest B is very healthy but he does get allergies sometimes. I took him to the vets at midnight one time and they gave him a steroid shot. Poor guy couldn’t sleep before we took him with his face swollen. After the shot within 30 mins he was almost completely normal.

    Hope all goes well and they figure it out.

  • It never hurts to over-react where you dog's health is concerned.

    Vet - NOW !

  • @dmferrara Have you been to the vet yet? I'm curious about the leg issue. Is she lifting it and avoiding putting any weight on it? Or, is she touching her toes on the floor, but not really using it?

  • Thanks All, she is great now. A pain killer for the leg, an allergy pill and 24 hours of rest and she is back to her old self. Now I just have to keep her from overdoing it. This breed will not stop until they drop!

  • @dmferrara So good to hear 🙂 yes they do have a zest for life, they are the energizer bunny of dogs lol.

    My vet gave me some steroid pills to use if it gets really bad, don’t think they liked being dragged out of bed at midnight lol. First time I have ever had to use steroids as Benadryl always worked in the past, this time was a little worse though. Fingers crossed he has been fine since that.

    Now if I could just get him to stop eating grass.....lol.

  • @dagodingo said in Allergies?:

    Now if I could just get him to stop eating grass.....lol.

    A common Basenji trait - you'll never get him to stop !!! lol

  • Do you want to say it could be a side effect of any antibiotic that you used during diarrhea? I think it is better to ask from your vet. Maybe he will recommend you necessary test. I don't think it's an allergy.

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