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Thanks everyone for your input. She has been on glucosamine & chondroitin for several years. I have observed that she only walks and no longer runs like the wind. I guess I will have to cut back even more on her walks and eliminate dog park activity.

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My vet just put my senior B on Metacam oral suspension. She (B not the doc)probably has arthritis in her hip joints. She is also prone to colitis.

Has anyone had any experience with this medication (good or bad)?

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I feel redeemed that I was not the only person who had to administer Hydrogen Peroxide.

thank you all for commenting. 🙂

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Clomicalm didn't work for Zorro. The vet told me that there is now a cannine approved version of Prozac coming on the market. I think I am going to hold off on that.

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OK, so Zorro is weird to begin with but we love him.
He watches TV. I mean that if a dog is on TV, he watches it and moves with the TV dog.

The other night there was a dog on the screen and Zorro went to the screen and sniffed the TV dog's butt :eek:. I assumed he was just sniffing the screen, but when the TV dog moved to the other side of the screen he moved too. He SEES the TV dog.

Is this normal?

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A preface….
Our dogs ring a string of sleigh bells when they need to go out.

Sleigh bells ring. Are you listening?
I have to pee. The snow is glistening.

A beautiful sight, yellow snow in the night.
Be careful in the winter wonder land!

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We got Candle as a puppy, so she is known as Pupples.
Zorro weighs in at 26 pounds so he is Big Z.

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😃 I think we need some basenji Christmas songs such as:

Santa Senj is coming to town.

I'm dreaming of a new chew toy.

Jingle Bells, I want new smells.

Silent Night, until I bite
the burglar's leg, by the window frame.

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I have a string of 6 sleigh bells hanging by the kitchen door. It is pleasing and very useful sound. I can tell the urgency of the request by how loud and how long the bells ring.

My brat B would chew the line holding the bells and play with the bells. I would come home to bells all over the floor. So I went to a fish bait and tackle store, picked up some wire fishing leader and crimps.
Bells are still used but haven't been down on the floor since.

Now if I can just get the darn dog to stop lying about signaling to go potty when actually he just wants to go out and sniff… 🙂

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Candle used to scream (and I don't mean whine) when I would give her a bath. It is embarassing that her chart at the vet's offics has a big sticker on the front… "Bad with bath and nails". I have learned she hates being cold more than wet. So I put her in the shower with me, but I pre-warm the shower walls and floor. No shivering - no screaming.

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