What is the forum knowlege about allergy shots for B's?
My vet is suggesting shots for dust mites and grass. My B licks her belly and legs bald. We have tried changing food, benedryl. and loratadine. Nothing has helped.


Have you had a full thyroid panel run? I know a basenji who had these same symptoms and was found to be hypothyroid. Once he was the correct dose of Soloxine the problem cleared up.

Thyroid test came back normal.
She is grouchy and her hair is thin.
Now what?


Thyroid test came back normal.
She is grouchy and her hair is thin.
Now what?

Okay who did the thyroid? If in house, have them redone and sent to a legit lab! Because honest, what you describe sounds more thyroid than allergy. I always tell people not to waste money on in house as no matter what, you STILL need the full panel run by a legit lab… if its positive you need full lab to evaluate why and if it's negative they often are falsely so still need to run full.
Approved thyoid labs:

Also, if allergies, often licking is sign of food allergies, especially if benedryl isn't helping. I would look into a limited items food like wellness fish and potato or pinnacle fish and potato. Give them a try.



I don't know much about the allergies but with Zahra's mite skin problem, I switched her food to Eagle Pack Holistic Chicken after talking it over with a trainer. Her coat is now beautiful and the hair is growing back from where she was infected and I have gotten to be rather picky about what the dogs get to eat, if it is does not have good ingredients they are not getting it.

I just wanted to suggest the Eagle Pack Holistic for a good food.

Candle is eating Science Diet ZD Ultra. The vet said this is the lowest allergen food. Comments?

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