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  • Kathy, looks like it started to upload, then stopped. It will be a problem if the image is too large. And you don't have to start a new thread to try again, just edit your original post. (click the three dots next to the thumbs down icon to get the edit function). When your picture uploads successfully you should see it appear in the preview pane.

  • Thank you so much

  • Basenji ???

  • @kathyb

    Wow, this little sweetie could be a twin sister to my Izzy-Bella. She and Izzy have the almost identical same markings (and lack of!). Izzy is a 3/4 Basenji, 1/4 Min Pin. Mostly black, with residual white on her chest and a tiny
    white-tipped tail, which is half curled.
    What is Layla's heritage?

  • Layla is an international rescue from Thailand. She was shown as a terrier but clearly she has a great deal of basenji. Her traits are all basenji and she is the sweetest girl. She loves people and wants to kiss all day. She is now three years old. I didn’t know anything about this breed but have fallen in love with the quirkiness and elegance.

  • What a little beauty. How lucky you both are to have found each other! XOXOXO

  • Nice pictures. Great to finally see them! ☺

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