My sweet little retired mum

I have recently adopted the loveliest sweetest little retired breeding female basenji. I am told she was bred this last fall but “missed” making her available for adoption at 5 yrs. old. Her nipples are still very prominent and people have been asking about it including the vet tech. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Some girl have nipples are bigger they others and many never really go back. My girl who is 9+ had a litter when she was 3 and her nipples still look like she should be nursing... LOL. This goes and any breed, not just Basenjis

if they have had around 10 puppies pulling on her nipples, I can imagine that her nipples are proud. Mine older girl still has proud nipples after her two litters, and she is around 13yo. Don't despair, nature has been good to her - she is a Basenji!

Thank you all. I will know how to field questions now (it’s not like it was anyone’s business but it was making me feel uncomfortable. I felt people were looking at my beautiful girl like there was something wrong with her!) I love her so much and she truly is beautiful as are all basenjis. Now I know what to say. “Her nipples are proud nipples as yours would be if you had nursed 10 babies twice in your life. “ lol! Thank you all.

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