• We have had Chipley for over 2 months now. Some days he is sort of distant, or he will be physically close…but not emotionally close. Other days he seems happy and content. Tonight I was sitting at the computer and he came and climbed into my lap, draped his neck over my arm and within seconds was softly snoring in my arms. He is about 28 lbs and tall, so my lap was very full, but he stayed that way for over a half hour till I finally had to put him down. My others like to be close on the couch or bed, but are not 'lap dogs' so that was a real treat. I think he is finally 'home' for good!

  • First Basenji's

    So sweet indeed. It's the little gestures like this that make you understand true love and trust.

  • it's always nice to know they've made their mind up about home.

  • How very sweet, Anne. Binti likes to drape herself all over us. It gets hot in the summer!! But, it should be great in the winter.:)

  • Adorable! Cherish these displays of love (as you have). More of them to come!

  • What a lovely experience!

  • Very sweet..thanks for sharing.

  • We are still amazed at how perfectly Chip fits into our family, he and Eddie are best buddies, and Nicky often sleeps right beside him. He really is a sweetheart and we are so lucky to have him!

  • Sounds like he has settled in 🙂

  • Oh Anne that is so sweet. I think we met you guys when Chipley was only with you for a couple of weeks. We were so surprised that he was a recent addition he looked like he had been with you forever. I am glad he found such a great home with you.

  • Hi Jill, Chip has been a MacPack member since day one! Hope you make it back to Tampa one of these days. How is Kaiah doing?

  • Kaiah is doing great!! We want to come back to Tampa soon and let them all play, she had such a good time with all of you guys. My only issue with Kaiah is her eating things, clothing, rugs etc….My other basenji April was a master at eating my daughter friends clothing and bags she would just watch for them to put it in her reach and she would eat a hole right thru it. I was hoping that Kaiah would not be like that but this weekend she pulled 2 items out of a friends bag on a counter and ate them, I hate that she ate their things but the worst part is her ingesting them it scares me. Any advice?? I could mostly keep all of our family's items picked and put away but vistors are hard. I even give them the talk right when they walk through the door to stay with us. I know you have had alot of experience with your pack and any advice would be helpful.

  • I have been lucky not to have clothing-eaters. Shoes and nice leather purses are Nicky's specialties, but really never had that particular problem. YOur family leads quickly to close closet doors and pick up things…or lose them. Maybe guests can be given a drawer of their own and told to put everything away!

    Some dogs have issues with digestion, but my friend Ginny had a basenji who ate clothing and it always passed!

  • Thanks Anne I feel better just knowing about your friends dog, she has been passing some of the items I just hope it all goes through ugh….. I guess I will know if there is a problem if she starts acting sick... I think Nicky just has good taste with the shoes and purses, Kaiah only wants the cheap flip flops. Good advice on the drawers I will be more prepared next time and ask them to put everything in them.
    Thanks again!!!

  • I've always had undigested items just passing through - makes the poop interesting but no ill effects.

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