• My basenjis are crazy, duh that is how they all are! LOL. Cairo is becoming the incredible flying dog. He has picked up his little prance around the house. Trots like he has springs on his feet. Now he runs to the couch, throws his body as high in the air as he can and lands on whatever, LOL. Carfree he bounds off, around the room for round 2,3,4 until Caesar steps in to regulate.

    "Cut it out Cairo, you are moving too much and I just want to sit on mom!"

    He is so (Cairo) freaking funny. It is his mission every morning when he and Caesar are let out of the kennel, to sneak into Caesar's kennel and grap his Superman pillow and run off with it when it is time to go out to potty. He is so fast I have had to chase him in the back yard at 7am trying to get the pillow back!

    Last night as he is running around the house like the crazy boy he is, he decided to bring my the super long floor mat from the kitchen and sit on it on the couch in the other room.

    I am an obedience school drop out! 2 jobs and class = no time to practice. A great idea to burn energy, but the dog park will have to do for now.

    Cairo is so cute and awesome in his silly boy behaviors. My female basenji passed a year ago and Caesar was very depressed and thus came Cairo. I would say that in the last 2 months Caesar (6yrs) has started to Basenji B500 run in the house again with him. Funny to be glad about that.

    I love my boys!! They are so silly!!

  • Isn't it great how our animals can make us smile/laugh with their antics? 🙂 Your boys sound like they keep you laughing!

  • It's why we like them so much isn't it 😃

  • I can always bring savannah and bodhi over to make it really interesting b500 x 4=:eek:

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