I wanted to share some pics of my Shango since I've been a lurker for a while.

Just go to safari and “ singing basenjis”. Lots of singers must turn up the sound a little.

OMG! He is gorgeous ! My basenji is 13 years old and I have maybe heard her be vocal maybe 2 or 3 times. I am so happy for you!❤️You are going to get so much love and satisfaction from your new boy! Congratulations- he is BEAUTIFUL!

Shango is a handsome boy! Reminds me of my first B girl. You are in for a wild, joy filled ride! Enjoy!

Wondering if Shango does the Barooing greeting, our Molly (rip) always did the greeting, but never really yodeled until about age 6 or 7. We had never had any experience with Basenji, would not trade our 13 years with her for anything. Love him he’ll love you back albeit a little dirrerently. Shango a fine looking fellow😎😎😎

Shango is a very cool boy! Love these pictures. Our son had a Basenji girl Sunny that lived with us for a short time and we fell in love. That's why two years after losing our old Beagle boy we decided on a B pup (after much research and feeling like we knew what we were getting into.) His name is Keegan and he's a little over 3 months. I think every Basenji owner must feel like they have the cutest, smartest dog "in the world." We know we are up for an adventure, but we are ready. Have fun with Shango!

You really shouldn't let him drive, the cops don't like that ! 😁

He's great! Shango sounds like a typical B.

And...at one time we were ALL first time owners...

Ty guys! ❤ I've tried playing videos, he listens and tilts his head but he's a stubborn one.

@eeeefarm He also gets vocal when frustrated, especially when he's held back from greeting other dogs or the gate at the dog park. I prefer he doesn't rush up to get in the faces of other dogs trying to enter the park.

@Dee-Morris It's definitely an adventure! I'd love to see pics of Keegan!

Such a handsome boy. Love the pictures. Especially the second one with the front paws in the air. Very cute.

And yes, Basenjis like cat towers:0_1554926850401_P3230399 copy.jpg

Oh my goodness, those puppies are precious! ♥

Shango is absolutely beautiful. Years ago, we adopted a "shepard/collie" mix tiny puppy as our first dog ....that turned out to be a Basenji! She was a fabulous dog and we were smitten...it is Basenjis all the way since Goldie. I bet it will be so for you, too. Kiss Shango on his beautiful nose for me!!!

@shango-z You are doing a great job "raising" Shango! I was so impressed at the dog park the other day. Kudos!

What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing. I adore the one with his paws in the air. LOL and confiscating the cat post! Shango certainly is not only cute but packed with personality.

@donc Oh my goodness the puppies in the cat tower!

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