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I don't crate mine when I leave. He's been trustworthy with free reign of the home since he was maybe 7 months or so. I'm careful to puppy-proof always, as in, I can't leave food out. No food on the counters, on desks, tables, etc. The trash is in a covered bin, and there's a tall baby gate blocking off a room with my cat's litter box. Oh and we have to lift all of the window blinds - he loves to destroy those. He doesn't have separation anxiety fortunately so no howling.

The worst things he's ever done when I've left before I wised up was get into the "cat candy" and leave a huge stinky mess, eat a bag of chips or something that he stole from my desk, or got into the trash and left a mess. I used the crate to potty train, and he was solid in about 6 months while I lived in an apartment. Now I just feed him in there. Since it's his space, when he goes in on his own no one can bother him.

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Oh my goodness, those puppies are precious! ♥

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Ty guys! ❤ I've tried playing videos, he listens and tilts his head but he's a stubborn one.

@eeeefarm He also gets vocal when frustrated, especially when he's held back from greeting other dogs or the gate at the dog park. I prefer he doesn't rush up to get in the faces of other dogs trying to enter the park.

@Dee-Morris It's definitely an adventure! I'd love to see pics of Keegan!

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Thanks everyone for the comments! 🦊 😁 💕 This pup gets away with a lot, as they all do I'm sure!

@Dagodingo Yeahhhh, that's the truth haha. He only gets to drive parked cars. He honked the horn a few times, oops!

@2baroos I went so far to buy him (me) a recorder and that didn't do it but maybe I just don't know how to play it haha. I'll have to invest in a harmonica because it's worth hearing the basenji howl!

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Shango is my first Basenji and he's a little over 2 years old now. He's amazing and funny and super cute! He's also intelligent and stubborn and willful too. I knew choosing a Basenji would be a challenge (especially as a first time dog owner - don't hurt me please) but I was up for it because I was sold on that wrinkly face at my first google search. I did my research about the breed and everything that's supposed to deter you just made me fall in love more. I love their little quirks! Shango doesn't yodel, sadly, I've tried to encourage him but alas... I guess I shouldn't complain though. I have to add that he's definitely an absolute demon-dog. 😈

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