Sherwood's youngsters (stacked pics)

My friend Steph came by today to help me do a photo session. It was overcast so the lighting wasn't that great but I think they turned out ok.

The "Rain" Boys at 1 1/2 years
Sire: PJ's Kenset Back To The Future
Dam: Ch. Sherwood's Something Special

The "Specials" at 7 months
Sire: Sherwood's Red Baron LCM2
Dam: Ch. Sherwood's Something Special



^seeley's name is very clever - one of my favorite shows!

I was just gonna say… love the name Seeley. Great show!

He was originally called Patch but I have always liked the name Seeley and decided to call him that. I still can't decide which one(s) to keep and which ones to rehome. There are things about each animal that I really like. Every one of them could earn their AKC championships, well, except Seeley. His second testicle never dropped. 😞 But, his personality suits me very well and he shows a strong desire to lure course. (He reminds me so much of his dad Baron and that's what I was hoping for from this breeding.) Rainie and Blaze are the most logical prospects for my breeding program though. I don't know. Decisions, decisions.

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