• So after searching for some time, I have found a breeder who has a 1 yr old who apparently has grown a few inches above the standard. He will be coming to our home after showing a few more times in March. As I am getting ready I am looking for ways to provide some "in home" entertainment. There is a huge array of puzzle toys available and to a human they all look absolutely cool, but before I waste a lot of cash, I'd love to get some input on some of your B's favorite objects. He will be out running with us as we plan to see if he would like to do some Cani-cross, but I like to keep the mischief down by providing some alternatives. Thanks!

  • Honestly, they all have their favorites.... kind of like pick and choose.... the one you think they will love they don't touch... LOL.... Most all of the puzzle toys are great and Basenjis take to them, but I would start with the ball types that you put kibble bits or other treats in, as they roll them around, the treats will fall out. You can judge from that what else he might like.

    On another note, there is no DQ in Basenjis (except Cryptorchid/Monorchid).. The standard is just a guide, many Basenjis are over/under the listed standard.

  • My boy Perry loved his roller ball that dispensed treats, but we saved that for when we were going out. He had separation anxiety and that ball was key in solving his problem. Other than that, I find most toys that don't dispense food become less attractive in time. New toys are generally a big deal at first, but the novelty wears off quickly! Perry was unusual in that he was very kind to his stuffed toys, and he definitely had his favourites. A good way to keep their minds occupied is to teach them the name of each toy, eventually working up to a named retrieve after hiding said toy. Perry loved playing that game, although he could be lazy if I asked for his roller ball. Bit harder to retrieve than his plush Froggie!

  • Over here they are often called 'Intelligence Cubes (or balls)' and Basenjis love to roll them around for treats. They'll chase a frisbie but I have yet to have one bring it back to me. Its more a case of 'come and get it, Mom, and throw it again.' But it does keep us all exercised.

    The inner cardboard rolls from toilet paper are very popular, but so are any cardboard boxes they can tear up. Mine have never had any toys as such - they find things and for a while, play with them before losing interest.

    Beware of squeaky toys or soft toys with glass eyes. They can eat through to the squeak and the eyes come out and can get eaten. If you wouldn't give a toy to a baby for safety reasons, don't give it to a Basenji.

  • @tanza Thanks for the info. I'm super excited to meet him, and I should probably just start with a few toys. It's hard to resist getting a bunch!

  • My b’s never took to toys. Stuffy squeaker toys are fun to kill and desqueak. Toys that can’t be killed or have no food reward are a waste of time. Pieces of paper towel are super fun to shred. Small animals to chase are fun. Another basenji to rough house with or another breed of dog that can make them feel superior is good. 0-3 they like to wreck stuff, after that they like to walk, chew on bones, nap and cuddle. They also really like to watch for intruders. So I nice front window is a plus. I’m excited for you! I can’t wait for you to get your new baby!

  • First B had an obsession with squeaky toys. She would sit and just squeak it for up to 20 minutes at a time. She also played fetch indoors, not out. But her fave toy was chewing on my poor Rottie like he was a yak milk bone. Then we got the 2nd basenji. Her joy in life was gutting toys. I spent a lot of time restuffing toys, checking for new holes etc.Chew bones were okay. Third basenji plays fetch inside, likes to ball you put treats into, and that's it. All three loved the lunging whip. We tied a scarf or something to the end and they ran until they were exhausted. I tried putting up little jumps but none would do them. Cara's favorite toy is the Samoyed. She loves to butt bump him, rear, twist and go nuts. I'm sure she knows we got him just for her.

  • @zande Hahahaha! I love to hear that someone else does this with toilet paper tubes. I fold the ends over and put a few treats inside, then make him wait while I hide them. He gets to find them when I go to work and tear them apart to find the goodies. I don't recommend doing this while you are away until you've watched your b too make sure he doesn't eat the cardboard. Mine also likes his Kong with frozen peanut butter or yogurt (no xylitol) inside when I go to work.

  • First Basenji's

    Get to know your puppy, when I brought my first B home she was 6 weeks old and had just started eating kibble. She tore up every single toy, squeakers included, she enjoyed sleeping in the sun shine and looking out the window, sometimes she would run around the hose at very high speed, we called it the “basenji 500” I wouldn’t spend too much, I have three now and they like living outside, the have Hugh pen, a heated dog house and get long walks in our woods. Enjoy.

  • After fostering over 50 b's and owning 4 of my own, I have to agree that they are all different. Some are better problem solvers, more dextrous, more destructive, etc. than others. It's best not to spend any money until you get to know your new boy. Simple things like the the stuffed toilet paper roll, plastic grocery bag tied to the end of a string attached to a stick (I use the wand from window blinds) and a stuffed kong are all good to start with. You will have many years to spoil your b in the future...

  • @pawla said in Favorite Toys:

    It's best not to spend any money until you get to know your new boy

    Excellent advice ! In all my years with Basenjis I've never actually bought a toy for any of them ! The Intelligence Cubes were tombola prizes and the frisbies all came with breakfast cereal packets !

  • NEW TOY !!!!! Yesterday I put out three egg-boxes for a neighbour who gives me eggs from time to time when her hens are laying well. Keepurr and Hoover found them - joy oh joy ! Something to shred to tiny pieces !!!

  • Ha ha ha!!!! I am struggling with the wait for my new boy. I almost called the breeder today to see if I could just drive down and see him, but I don't want to be a pain in the neck either!

  • I see your post was back in Jan. so I hope you have your new basenji settled in. I also adopted a beasenji in Jan. She is my second. I adopted a 5 year old to be with my 3 yr. old, who had had 2 litters in the past and was bred for a 3rd one, but didn’t get pregnant. So the breeder, the same breeder our boy came from, decided to let her go to a forever home. I had to wait quite a while for her to be ready and I felt just like you. I couldn’t wait! I kept texting the breeder questions, request for photos, etc. When we picked her up she seemed comfortable with us right from the start. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, a good match for our 3yr. old boy. He’s a toughie but I think he’s met his match with her. He’s so much happier with his own friend. They love to be together. I hope your new pup is adjusting just as well as mine. Have fun. I think they make us laugh every day. Yes, you have to be on your toes with these guys, you have to make them a big part of your life. They can never just be a fixture. They are work but it’s worth it all. 3 years ago I was a newbie but not anymore, and I’m loving this wild ride.

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