Basenji toys and games

We all know it's not fetch unless we are doing the fetching.

Ours love cat toys. The little fuzz balls on string attached to a stick.

Treat balls are obvious. Our one basenji loves her three level tornado treat puzzle.

Anyone have any special games or toys that your dog loves

First Basenji's

Uzie just loved this in the am for his kibble. It kept him busy and he learned not to tear up the comforters to let me know it was time for breakfast! (sadly, he doesn't use it now that he is on raw….) I will put in a few as a treat one day just for fun though!

We have one of those. It resides under the couch in a far away location.

Kaiser doesn't really have any except his game of steal the humans clothes or whatever mum forgets and leaves in his reach, I know he has something because of the wooden floors as I can hear his prancing around sound, does love his kong ball which has a hole in it which I stuff with freeze dried tripe which when he can't be bothered getting it out plays " here human get it out for me" and bugs us with it until we relent, bugging the cat is a game he likes but doesn't last long as the cat has other ideas.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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