Oh, how very sad. Just let the grieving process occur however it occurs. We all need time to get over a loss like that (animal and human). Lots of walks on the beach just to heal thyself. RIP little Tikka. 🧡

oh, my heart just sank to my toes! I'm so sorry to hear about Tikka's passing. Try to focus on the blessings you shared. Easier said than done, I know, but it becomes easier each time you do it. {{{{hugs}}}}

I am so sorry. 😞 You and your girl need time. The more activity and quality grooming, attention and exposing to new things, the faster she will adjust. But it takes time. 😞

@flash I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost 2 of my Horses in a traffic accident. That was 17 years ago and I still grieve for my 2 Geldings. You must pay extra special attention to your little Girl. My Dog was so eager to go for a run that she had a Coller and a Harness. The Leash was attached to the Harness so I had control of her Chest.

Please take all the time you need and there are folks here who have had similar experiences. Sometimes it is just good to write about it and know you are surrounded by others who have had a similar loss.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and sharing your own stories. Gosh it makes a difference to actually FEEL you are not alone. Minke remains subdued but is responding well to new situations and lots of grooming. We are beginning to forge something new as we move forward.

Thanks for reminding us about the Basenji sneaky little trick of chewing the leash when you lest expect it!! I got a new little girl about 4 months ago and she walks beautifully on the least but I stopped to talk to our vet and before you could bat an eye, she'd chewed through the leash and set off on a tour of the hospital!! I've learned never take my eyes off my kid!!

Completely agree! So sorry - I feel you pain.

just two weeks ago my 16 year old basenji named Pogi passed away and im striken with grief beyond belief. Pogi was 8 weeks old when i had him and he has given me happiness and my friends who took care of him when im on vacation to visit my Mom who lives on the opposite side of the world.Last year i had to go home and bring Pogi from Chicago to the Philippines to take care of my 85 year old mother. I retired early at the age of 49 to take care of both my aging dog and mother and it was the best decision i ever did in my life. Looking back the journey with Pogi was so immesurable that i would never doubt that with Pogi being with me for a year taking care of my
mother in the Phiippines where Pogi is mow buried is yet the greatest moment in my life so far. I miss Pogi everyday but i just dwell on all the memories because they're all of happy and magical... Pogi is always and forever ky best froend whos always in my heart...0_1542159412558_D442D9AB-74A9-40D0-829D-51296D45AD95.jpeg

@lalmalbis said in Grief:

just dwell on all the memories because they're all of happy and magical...

That is all you can do - but at least you have already started to let these memories dim your pain - and they will. Hang on to them and Pogi will remain with you.

very sincere condolences

I’m so sorry to hear of Pogi’s death. Like you I’m remembering all the wonderful things about Tikka that made him so special to me - how he would cock his head to one side when listening, how he put his head on my knee and look up at me with his brown eyes and lick my legs when I got out of the shower... so many good memories - love and sadness at the same time.

Your Pogi is a beautiful baby and you were both lucky to have each other. So sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences - please think of all the happy times you had with Pogi.


I suspect many of us learned the hard way. That's why I have a basenji chew-resistant leash. I had several cut through before I put in the chain.


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@lalmalbis I"m sorry to hear that you lost your Pogi and hope that your Mother is doing better than you expected.

@debradownsouth How did you come up with this leash alteration?

@elbrant said in Grief:

@debradownsouth How did you come up with this leash alteration?

From a basenji breeder who said to put at least a 6 inch chain between the collar and leash so when they snake their little heads around they couldn't reach the leash part. So I went to Home Depot and had them cut me about 6 chains, got the connectors and attached to their leashes. I wish I remembered who suggested it but I've seen others with similar contraptions for our lovely "razor blades hidden in mouth" breed. I have had one cut my bra straps front and back almost precisely 3 inches up as if she measures. Yeah, I learned to put my stuff away.

LOL about the bra straps! I know what you mean though; Olly just neatly chewed through the front strap on her brand new raincoat..... it was the first day she wore it. Grrrrr! That leash fix is a great idea. Going to be dropping by my local home depot this afternoon!! Yay, you!

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