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just two weeks ago my 16 year old basenji named Pogi passed away and im striken with grief beyond belief. Pogi was 8 weeks old when i had him and he has given me happiness and my friends who took care of him when im on vacation to visit my Mom who lives on the opposite side of the world.Last year i had to go home and bring Pogi from Chicago to the Philippines to take care of my 85 year old mother. I retired early at the age of 49 to take care of both my aging dog and mother and it was the best decision i ever did in my life. Looking back the journey with Pogi was so immesurable that i would never doubt that with Pogi being with me for a year taking care of my
mother in the Phiippines where Pogi is mow buried is yet the greatest moment in my life so far. I miss Pogi everyday but i just dwell on all the memories because they're all of happy and magical... Pogi is always and forever ky best froend whos always in my heart...0_1542159412558_D442D9AB-74A9-40D0-829D-51296D45AD95.jpeg

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