Considering a Basenji (Raleigh, NC)

  • I'm new here, and my fiance and I are looking into getting a Basenji puppy sometime this year or early next. I've never met a Basenji and we would love to get together with someone who does have one in, or around, the Raleigh-Durham, NC area. We've done a ton of research and feel confident in our decision, but wouldn't mind a little puppy play time to seal the deal. Also, any advice that you have as we are looking would be greatly appreciated. Especially around breeders as my previous dogs have only been rescues so that part is new to me. Thank you in advance!

  • Go to and you can search for breeders by state. You can visit with them or they can refer you to someone that has one of their pups.

  • That's a really good site, and one I've used often. Unfortunately, the breeders in our state haven't responded but I will try again with the approach you recommended vs. the general informational one that I was using. Great idea - Thank you!

  • I live in Haw River, about 1hour away....northwest of Raleigh.( toward Burlington).
    I have an 18 month old full blood Basenji. Came from a breeder in Roxboro.
    You are welcome to come meet Piper anytime. She is full of energy and loves to meet new people.

  • Gosh, Basenjis. Possibly the "ne plus ultra" of dogs. We co-habit with (ha! More like daily defer to) a 10- year old 3/4 Basenji rescue named Izzy-Bella from a shelter in Iowa. Ten years old, really? Does she know she is a senior dog citizen?? Nope, no way no how. True, the early toddler pre-teen destruction genes have largely subsided, and escape artistry has dissipated, due to highly focused parental restraints; but the basic demented Basenji-ness still flourishes. For which we are thankful, as she makes us laugh at and love her every single day.
    Well, maybe not when she still pees in totally inappropriate places. My oriental bedroom rug is NOT a Congolese forest floor, Izzy. You get massive numbers of walkies every single day, so what's up? And do not even TRY to blame the cat. Trevor is a saint. Well, except maybe when he throws up breakfast every other day. . .
    I love animals. Do goldfish have bad habits??

  • @izzy-bella
    Trevor may need daily catlax.

    Goldfish are unbelievable hard to care for if you want them to live more than a dozen years. People don't care, dead in 6 mos, get a new one.
    Do it right, it is very labor intensive.. never again.

  • @Izzy-Bella You made me laugh! Your dog sounds great-minus the poor rug 😉

  • You can also attend one of the nearby conformation dog shows to see Basenjis and talk to the various breeders and owners. I hope this link is useful to you, although you will need to figure out what time Basenjis are supposed to be in the ring in order to meet them.

  • @senjisilly Thank you! That's a great idea I didn't think of.

  • In order to find out the time schedule, login into the site and go to Show Information, Judging Programs. They are typically posted about a week before the show. It is a PDF file and then you find the breed you are interested in and that will give you the time they are to be shown and the ring they will be in.

  • I am pretty sure my attempt at humor totally leapt over your head. Hmmm, perhaps, my bad.
    Trevor is my second best male cat ever. He requires no interventions.
    Time for me to opt out of yet another social media site.

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